Psychic Tip of the Day - Energy Vampires

What is an Energy Vampire? 

It is a person who sucks up every ones energy around them by complaining, moaning, groaning, whining etc! This person is someone who wants to look better than everyone else. They will try to make themselves look better by talking down about others. They are the petty tyrants and the bullies.

After being around them you will feel tired, maybe annoyed and frustrated.

How do they become like this?

Most of the time it is learned from parents and families. This how they learned how to get attention. 

What to do to assist an Energy Vampire shift their position - 

*Say to them -  Hey, find a different way of getting my attention! Keep reminding them, give them positive examples of how to get your attention. 

*Limit the time you spend with that person(s).

*Wrap them in a pink bubble of Love. - This works and often times they will walk away mid sentence!

* Do not allow them to annoy you. This is the way they get your energy. It is your energy, your energy is for you! Instead smile at them and say -

Oh let me consider what you have said! or Hmmmm, really?

You are still present with them but not agreeing with them. With that you can shift the subject to something more interesting.

Bullies - Some people mistake Bullies for Stalkers. Bullies are in a class of their own. They are so insecure about who they are, they are always trying to make a point to get attention or hold someone back by meanness. They are takers, they will eventually drain you dry - on all levels! 

What do you do about a bully? Walk away. Ignore them, do not give them any energy. Stand up to them in the most neutral position you can if it comes to that. 

Many people are in relationships where one of the partners will keep the other poor emotionally and financially so they feel like they can't leave the partnership. How to resolve that? Dissolve the partnership. Leave. The partnership is not an equal exchange of energy. That should be the intention for all of your relationships. 

Don't be a victim! Be a Superhero!

What can you do to bring in people for your highest good, that will be an equal exchange of energy?

Intend for new friends to come into your life. (It works, I do it with great results all the time)

Don't put a lot of energy into talking about the Energy Vampires. The less you talk about them the less you will meet them. Negativity breeds negativity.

Be Positive!

When you meet and Energy Vampire put yourself in an egg. The egg can be any color you want it to be. With the intention of keeping your personal space clear of the negative energy. It works, I fluff out my egg all the time. Those people that are not for my highest good will turn around and walk away.

These are simple handy ideas to practice. Try them out and see what happens! 

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls


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