Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Archeia Hope's Message for 2017

Greetings. We are the Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel, Our Beloved!

We have messages for you from the Arch Angels, Archeia and Angels! 

We want to start off with, yes we hear your prayers and intentions. We are assisting you on a personal level and globally! 

Our messages today will assist you through your 2017. 

We understand the years leading up to 2017 have been very chaotic globally for you and all living beings on Earth. 

ISIS - Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - It will take years to bring these people to justice, to calm the middle eastern countries. We ask you to pray for these people, send prayers of love to them. There are many already who pray for a resolution to this conflict. Continue to do so. We also ask you to be aware of where you are when traveling. Be aware of who is around you and what is going on. Be present. It can and will save your life. 

Be aware of China. 

Many truths about governments are coming to the surface and you are seeing the corruption. You are the deciding factor to make your governments what you want. Yes, there will be much unwinding of falsehoods and reworking of your laws. We advise you to participate or be aware of what happens in your communities, towns, counties and countries. The change will start with you and only you. 

Do not believe everything your news media says to you. It is partial truths, for they do not themselves know the whole story. They are only permitted to give you something to chew on. Do the research yourselves. Find out what is really happening. Then make your decisions according to your heart, your truth. 

In all countries look to your water sources and your enviroments. Do what you can to protect and provide for your environments. Global warming is real. Take care of your world. It is yours, your Heaven on Earth - treat it as such! 

Now we will speak specifically about the United States of America. The United States of America has influence in many countries. It will also face its truths and falsehoods. This is the time where you will see even more civil unrest, you will see those who have abused the public will receive their sentences of justice. 

The Flint Water Crisis will be resolved. 

You will see your indigenous people all over the world rise and create balance and harmony, this is their way. Remember at one time or another in your previous lifetimes you have been an indigenous person, please assist when and where you can. There is enough natural fuel for everyone and your technology is such that you are not so dependent on it. Use the new technology, that is what it is there for. You will thrive for it.

Your new president is a catalyst for change. Will he make changes for your highest good? Some of the changes he will implement will be positive. Pray for him to have the wisdom to be a good leader for your country. There are other leaders who will stand up to him. We say wonderful, remarkable, will it be you who stands up for your own rights and resources? 

For those of you who are disappointed and angry about your new president, we advise you to take that energy and make the changes you so want and desire. 

You have asked for change, you are the ones who have created what is happening in your country. Now what can you do to ammend and create balance? This is one of your lessons, will you learn it or must you come back again to learn the same lessons?

Take care and pay attention to your children. Give them good guidance. Be present and make time for your children. Watch as they flourish and grow. Remember they are not you, they are individual and wondrous. What you needed as a child perhaps is not what they need. Ask your child(ren) questions so you may know who they are and are able to provide for them for their highest good. 

We the Angelics are helping, we inspire, create ways for you to achieve your goals, be aware, be present so you do not miss your opportunities. Opportunities are available to you, perhaps they do not look like what you want them to, love yourself enough to see us working with you, beside you. 

All you have to do is ask for assistance and we are there for you to uplift you, heal you and care for you. We can be anyplace, anytime, anywhere and all of you are precious to us, all of you are special and are worthy of whatever your hearts desire is.  

Be present, look to your future, keep you hearts opened and aligned with the energy of Love!

Archeia Hope, Divine Messenger

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Angels A Psychic's Story

I have lived an amazing life. I have lived in many different places and learned from many cultures here in the United States. 

I feel like I started my spiritual journey consciously in my early twenties. My cousin, Pol, used to channel an entity names Atu. I found it truly fascinating this being of light was unconditional and no question a person would ask was too small. 

I started looking into the metaphysical learning about crystals, then making jewelry, intuitive readings and educating myself. Back then there wasn't alot of information about being psychic. There was no internet, not really too many practical books. 

I have taught people all over the United States how to develop their intuitive/ healing abilities. It has taught me as well how to be more compassionate and understanding. 

With the Psychic Story Series I am sharing what I have learned with you. Haunted - A Psychic's Story gave you practical advice and examples of Hauntings for you to consider.

Angels - A Psychic Story gives you Angelic Messages and again practical advice about how to connect with your Angels. 

I intend you enjoy the second book of A Psychic's Story 

What is an Angel?
How can they assist us daily?
How do you recognize if an Angel is guiding you?
Does everyone have a guardian angel?

During my life I have been blessed with the guidance of the Archeia - Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. They have guided, guarded and protected me with love, grace and wisdom. 

This is my story, A Psychic's Story of how I realized my guides were Angels and how they assist me daily. 

There are channeled messages from each of the Archeia, Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels and their advice for you to use in your daily life.

The second part of this book has meditations and different ways of connecting to the Angels that guide you.

Are you ready to dial up and connect to the wondrous beings of Light and Love?

Let me know what you think - your opinion is valuable to me!
Keep Your Hearts open and aligned with the energy of Love!
Thank you!

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