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Spiritual Warriors - Lord Melchizedek

Last night I watched a movie about a man who is a great teacher, a passionate speaker. The movie freaked me out in a way that I asked Lord Melchizedek, who is my teacher, for guidance and assistance on what really freaked me out about the movie.  It wasn't the story that actually freaked me out it was the way the self help, metaphysical, spiritual teachers promote themselves. How they 'up sale'. It was the pyramid graph I saw that had all these levels of teaching, which made sense to me. It is how it was being presented, the feeling I got was the teacher saying 'you are not enough until you get to the top, I can get you there.'  YIKES!  I asked Lord Melchizedek for some answers or message to help me feel better about the self help, metaphysical, spiritual teachers and this is the message I received from him -   Spiritual Warriors -  We ask you to look within yourselves to to see you are worthy of all you desire. Worthiness is what keeps

Sympathy & Empathy

What is the difference between sympathy and empathy? How do we discern between the two?  Empathy is feeling or having the ability to feel what others are feeling. It is good to have this ability, to be comfortable with feeling emotions from another living being.  Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone. Which of these to energies takes from you? Sympathy, someone who wants or craves sympathy is an energetic vampire. Think about all of the times you have felt sorry for someone. After being in their presence are you drained? Yep. Choosing to feel the emotion is easier, you are just feeling the emotion. You are not taking it on or away from the person. You are choosing to feel it out of compassion, love and understanding to assist in whatever capacity you can.  How do we protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by emotion or tapped from someone who is feeling sorry for themselves? Surround yourself with Light, say a prayer to the Creator for protection and g