Monday, April 23, 2018

Fairies and Elementals

I love Fairies and Elementals! They are such wondrous beings assisting our planet in their wonderful way.

During this time of year I like to be outside watching as plants and trees come back from their deep sleep.  I have sat with flowers and watched them make their minuscule moves as they open their petals and peak out into the wild world. It gives me great joy to watch a flower bloom.

How can you see the fairies and elementals? They best time to see them is during a sunset or sunrise. Be patient, breathe and relax. Don't focus your eyes on anything. If you are looking over a body of water, you will see the undines - water, air, sylphs. If you are in the forest, watch the plants, you will see the gnomes, earth and maybe even a salamander, fire. There are deva's as well. So be aware of any movement and allow them to move closer to you. You may hear music and laughter as they approach. The movements that you see may be very slight, don't dismiss what you see.

You will most likely see the elementals through your peripheral vision. So relax, bring an offering of honey, they love honey, sparkly items, fruit, bread, milk, remember to leave your offerings for them. I knew a lady who used to leave hershey kisses for her fairies who lived in her garden. Yes they would disappear.

You can create fairy gardens or areas in your yard or home. They do appreciate that and will inter act with you. Give it a try, you never know what can happen. Fairies live children, children love fairies so have your children help you with these projects.

Right now I live in a duplex, so I have a place on a shelf in my home and a place on a small table I have set up for the fairies. I am working on creating some other places right now for the fairies to draw them in and let them know how much I appreciate them and how they help all of nature flourish and inspire that love of nature within me.

If you have a garden you can hang bells or sparkly beads on your plants as offerings to the fairies. You will see new, healthier growth in your garden. I used to throw out tumbled stones in my garden and my food plants and flowers thrived and were plentiful. Be creative and have fun with inviting the fairies into your life. They will help you thrive, laugh and appreciate nature so much more!

Clean up trash, recycle, plant flowers and trees, and most of all say thank you!

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of love!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Accountability

Do you need to make new habits, new ways of being? 

Some of the ways of being or habits we have formed are learned from our elders. Yes, and they learned their way of being from their elders and so on. There are some of you who think your family line might even be cursed because of the generational habits. 

Look at your family line and talk to your family about characteristics that members have had or have. What do you think about them? How can you break the habits that don't serve your family? 

Instead of being angry and upset about your family line, see it as a lesson, a lesson of how not to be. Now, look at your life, yours alone and make some decisions on how you want your life. 

Here is an example - 

Perhaps as a child you were not protected by your parents and you have grown up feeling you are not worthy of anything for lack of care from your parents. 

Now you have figured out why you are not worthy. Shift your focus to your Heart, Heart Chakra and start working on clearing that chakra or energy center. 

As you focus on your heart, clearing it, healing your heart, you will find your attitude is changing and you feel lighter and brighter. You are no longer triggered by your parents, grandparents, family. 

Remember as you are focusing on your heart chakra and breathing light into it say and mean this - 

I forgive you

I love you

I thank you

I bless you

I release you

I use the family as an example because this is where our core beliefs start. This is the place of our beginning in every life. 

Here is an example - I knew a man who blamed his unhappiness or imbalance on his father, who would beat the man as a child for 'bad behavior'. Overtime this man had a disappointment or felt as though he had did something 'bad' he wanted to be punished. 

This man would not forgive or change his habits. He drove himself to mental imbalance so badly no one wanted to be around him. He had plenty of support to help him overcome his imbalance. He chose not too, instead he continued to blame his father for his unhappiness.

How about you? 

Who do you blame for your unhappiness? 

Accountability is when you take your life into your hands and start to define yourself. You start to see the sparkly, wonderful, fun, loving etc. parts of yourself and start putting your focus on that, changing the habits you have grown up and live with that do not serve you. You are clarifying and defining yourself, on your own with out others influences on who or how you should be.

Here is your handy tip for today - try this meditation every two weeks for three months and see how you feel. 

Practice, practice, practice, it will bring you back to your core and you will start to remember to love yourself enough to make decisions for your higher and better good. 

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Do you need to make new habits? Do you need to remember to practice what we have spoke about through readings and soul retrieval?
During these sessions we discuss what you have learned, cleared, practice and homework. Yes Everyone gets homework to hold themselves accountable for their processes!
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