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Psychic Tip of the Day - Releasing Vows of Poverty . . .

There is an untruth going around that psychics, healers, intuitive, mediums aren't meant to have an awesome quality of life. It has always perplexed me as I see many 'intuitive celebrities' who do quite well for themselves.  Why can't we have the success, happiness, joy, love and abundance and prosperity we intend for?  As I have always said we are the directors of our lives - create happily ever afters! Many of them! Here is a prayer or invocation that can help you get a start on releasing that Vow of Poverty and the mind set that goes with it. Remember this is just the beginning of your release work with this vow.  I release the Vow of Poverty through all time and space to infinity and beyond.  I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael to cut and cauterize all cords connect with this vow.  I invite and invoke Archeia Faith to fill me with Divine light to heal all past and present hurts. I invite love prosperity abundance and wea

Psychic Tip of the Day - Strength

This months theme seems to be about how to strengthen foundations. Strengthening your foundation by making clear decisions and strategies for your life. Setting up boundaries and sticking with them. Being decisive.  Yes this is an ever changing environment in which we live in. That is a big challenge.   However it can be overcome by getting to know yourself and expressing that.  If you are ready to have some clarity and haven't been able to achieve it try something new. Listen to your inner guidance, that is your higher self communicating with you. Your higher self works for your highest and greatest good. Have a listen and consider what you are hearing, seeing or feeling. If it feels good follow through, test the water.  The only way to gain confidence in your endeavors is by doing. So make time to 'do'. Maintaining your energy  Clearing your Auric Field -  Clear your Ancestral line Energetically -  These are some t

Cosmic tip of the Day - Venus

We, Venus are writing today to remind you to be aware of decisions you make during this time. Are the decisions being made from your heart with honesty and integrity?  This is the time to recognize and release your fears. making a decision through fear is liken to Mercury in Retrograde - it will bounce back to you over and over again to clear out the fear(s). If you are in fear of making a decision, do not do anything. Set it aside until you can make the decision clearly and intelligently.   Look to your life presently and identify what you love and admire and move like the current of a river with that energy. Give yourself permission to be an individual, your own person.  We ask you to get out into nature or into a place that will inspire you. Admiration of beauty will  assist you with expansion of your heart and soul. We are hearing many intentions or prayers for romantic love - we advise you to understand 'romance' on a personal level before you ha

Psychic Tip of the Day - Synchronicity . . .

I am so very grateful for all the Synchronistic Events in my Life! What are synchronistic events?  They are the the times where you have had those 'Ah Ha' moments or those wonderful epiphanies. It is those times when you knew you were at the right place at the right time and so forth.  Looking back over your life you will see those wondrous synchronistic events that have happened to bring you to the place you are at now.  Example -  I wrote a book called A Soul Group's Journey. This is a story about a past life I had with an awesome soul group. I asked to meet the soul's from that lifetime in this lifetime.  I met many of these soul's in the Four Corner's Region here in the U.S.  When I moved to Pagosa Springs Colorado I knew no one. I moved into a nice little trailer in the woods with my two sons. It was really nice and forested. While waiting for the school bus one morning one of the other Mom's came by and introduced he

Psychic Tip of the Day - Change . . .

In order to change your life and what comes into your life you must work on changing what you bring into your life.  Ask yourself - what do you think/talk about the most?  Does your thought/talk resonate with you?  Does it bring you what makes you happy?  Does it give you Hope? Do you do the same things to get different results? This is the year to create that new way of being of letting go of whats not working and experiencing/experimenting with what might work. You have the time to do this so don't fool yourself with the concept of time.  Try new ideas, activities or something you have always been curious about. Give yourself permission to be you.  2015 I had to change a lot of my life, make room for new ideas and concepts to assist myself. I have had to let go of friendships and people I love to bring in the new. Yes it was heart breaking however I am still here and I am still doing and being.  I have had to refocus my goals and intentions. M