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Psychic Tip of the Day - The Thinning of The Veils

When will I see with my Third Eye – Clairvoyance When will I hear – Clairaudience This is the time of the Thinning of the Veils. During this part of the ‘New Age’ many of you will want to see and hear your guides and angels.  This is the time to practice and work to open yourself to your Creator, Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. Everyone has these gifts to an extent. I say this because some of us had an event in our childhood when we saw or heard something and were either told that we didn’t see or hear or were frightened from the event. So we shut it down until we are ready to comprehend what is going on around us in the spirit world. So now we are adults and we are asking to retrieve these gifts. How do we do this? I am 45 years old and have been working as an Intuitive Reader/Healer for about 18 years, I am a trance channel for 8 years. Every day I am challenged with something new that helps me to expand myself to see more or hear more clearly. Some of