Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Balancing Career & Spirituality

'Like I tell all of my clients when dealing with this kind of situation. Put your lipstick and High heals on and go crush them! Get what you want - wave at them beautifully when you exit the room! Know your worth!' Auriel Grace

What does that mean?

It means that no matter what position you hold in the world do it with grace, wisdom and be formidable. 

I worked at a ski resort in New Mexico. It was a great job and I was paid well for the job. The team I was on was rockin! I worked in guest services. We were the first stop for the guests to get their ski school, lift tickets and find out about other activities on the mountain. We dealt with booking activities and resolving issues with booking. 

Now this is back in the day before a lot of technology so we often had to go out of our office and deliver paperwork to other offices. We wore warm clothing in the office because our doors were always opening and closing, the temperature in the office was usually between 29-55 degrees. 

A new hotel manger from Texas was hired during my last year on the mountain. We called her 'Foo Foo Kitty' because she was very foo-foo and she had sharp claws. 

Her first idea was to straighten up the way the guest services crew looked. She let us know we couldn't wear our jackets, gloves or boots on the office. We had to wear all black and our hair had be certain styles. We all looked at her and then at each other and laughed. 

She didn't like that. 

So she started the assault on our office, while the rest of the people who worked on the mountain looked on to see what would happen. 

I ignored her. I wore the black outfit under my coat, gloves, hat and boots. I don't like being cold. 'Foo-Foo Kitty' pointed out to me that I was not looking up to her standards and I invited her to work in guest services for a day to experience how cold it was in our office. Not warm and cozy like her office in the hotel. 

She took me up on the offer and didn't last an hour in our office but continued to push all of us into looking esthetically pleasing. She even suspended me from work for a week to prove to everyone she wanted us to look good. This did not go over well anywhere on the mountain. She got a lot of backlash. So when it was time for me to meet her in her office, so she could release me to work, I walked in smiling. She again said I couldn't wear my coat, gloves, boots, or hat in the office. I smiled at her and said, I will wear them, they keep me warm. I have called a lawyer. The lawyer will call you. I told her she had a nice office and how warm and cozy it was. I went to work. She was nice to me and the team for the rest of the season.

At the end of the season, she let us know the whole guest service team would be re hired at minimum wage. We all told her to take a flying leap. 'Foo-Foo Kitty' was let go from her job before the beginning of the next season. 

I never raised my voice to 'Foo-Foo Kitty', I just let her know I didn't like being cold, nor did I want to get sick from being cold. I reminded her all the time it was after all a ski resort.

This is an example of being bullied at a place of employment. 

I have many clients that put up with a lot of hostility and abuse in their workplace.

I say don't be hostile back, practice Grace or being graceful. Let your manager, supervisor know in a very kind way you are not going to put up with their meanness. 

Example - When you can speak to me in a polite and kind way, then talk to me.
Say it quietly, kindly and walk out of the room. 

Most likely your manager or supervisor has done this to other people. You are maybe the first to have set up this boundary. Continue to stay strong and keep the boundary in place. It's like training a puppy be consistent and strong in building your boundaries. 

I have also had this experience. I learned that if you stay strong in this position the supervisor will learn to speak to you in a more intelligent way. 

Know your worth. 

Allowing a supervisor to abuse you is not knowing your worth. If it gets really bad, turn your mic on your phone and record your boss abusing you. Take it to human resources, if they don't or won't do anything, lawyer up.

Why do I advise this?

As a spiritual person, I have put up with a lot of abuse from clients and store owners. Now, I walk out or block abusive people. If people can't see my worth, I have no time for them. Perhaps its part of your karmic lesson to stand up for yourself. 

The Creator did not create you to be abused and taken advantage of, nor does the Creator want you to live in fear. 

The Creator, your spirit guides and Angels want and encourage your success. 

How do I know this? I am your Intuitive Reader and your Soul Retrieval Practitioner. I connect to your spirit guides and angels to give you information for your highest good, whether you want to hear it or not. Their messages of support and love are always encouraging you to make decisions for your highest good. 

Times are changing, set up your boundaries, stick to them, stand up for yourself. This is the way you can change your work environment into a place where you and your team can be successful. 

It is spiritual, it is knowing your worth and creating something good for yourself and others. 

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