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Angelic Tip of the Day - Transition

We come to you today to explain the phenomenon you call Death, we call this  Transition.   Yesterday we spoke with a human being who has recently experienced a Death   close to  him. We will use this situation as one of our examples. A young boy was crushed under a tree. Before the child died, one of Arch Angel Azreal's, angels assisted by pulling the boys soul from the physical body. This act of compassion assisted with his Transition with ease and grace. Your soul is eternal, it is always in action. We the Angels who assist Arch Angel Azreal, are always with you during this time of Transition, the death of your human body.  Your greatest gift is your life, this is the only life you will have in this time. This life you are living is individual we advise you to live it to its fullest. Treat it as a gift! When the soul transitions, We the Azreal's angels lead the soul to their next step. The Soul travels through a shower of light, to clean and clear the soul