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Angelite/Anhydrite Category – Sulfate Mineral Chemical Formula Anhydrous calcium sulfate: CaSO4 Crystal Symmetry – Orthorhombic – massive Color – Colorless to pale blue or violet if transparent; white, mauve, rose, pale brown or gray from included impurities. Crystal Habit – Rare tabular and prismatic crystals. Usually occurs as fibrous, parallel veins that break off into cleavage fragments. Also occurs as grainy, massive, or nodular masses Crystal System – Orthorhombic Geography – Mexico, Peru Mohs scale - 3.5 Luster  Pearly, vitreous to greasy Streak - white Other Characteristics – Some specimens fluoresce; many more fluoresce after heating. Anhydrite is calcium sulfate. The Calcium Sulfate forms from water loss in gypsum. The gypsum shrinks over time, making the structure of anhydrite opaque and compact. Anhydrite was first discovered, in 1794, in a salt mine near Hall in Tirol, Austria. In this occurrence depth is critical since nearer the surface anhydrite has been alt

Angelic Tip of the Day - Faith

We are the Archeia Faith, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael. We are the Guardian angels of Earth. We write this today to assist you with the energy of Faith. We wish to convey this idea this frequency to you. During this year if 2014 there have been more and more atrocities on your planet. We ask you to be aware of the atrocties, but not dwelling on them. We ask you instead to pray or make your intention to resolve the conflict with the people of your Earth.  Send blessings and Intentions to those who are experiencing the trauma and do not dwell. Why do these tramatic events happen and continue to happen?  Earth is a free will planet. It is a place where soul come to learn lessons, balance karma and learn to live from their hearts. How do you live within your heart? You remain in the present moment, you connect with your heart chakra and stay in the energy of love. The energy of love is what you are created from and so is every other living entity o