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The Importance of Releasing Vows

The Importance of Releasing Vows During our lifetimes on this planet we have taken vows that resonated with us in each lifetime. Because we took those vows over and over in each lifetime we carry that energy into each life. Everyone has had past lives taking the vows or been influenced somehow by these vows. Below is a list and definitions of each vow we will assist you with releasing during the Releasing with Grace Workshop. Vow of Poverty The renunciation of the right to individual ownership of property as part of a religious vow. The main aim of giving up materialistic world is to withdraw oneself from sensual pleasures (as they are fake and temporary as per these religions). By releasing the Vow of Poverty you open yourself to see and utilize your blessings and your prosperity on all levels. Vow of Obedience The act of obeying; dutiful or submissive behavior with respect to another person It forms part of the  vows  that Christian  monks  and  nuns  must ma

Cosmic Tip of the Day - Lady Nada

Good Morning! We are Ascended Master Lady Nada. For those of you who have taken classes with Auriel you know a little of Us.  We are the Chohan of the sixth ray, the purple and gold ray of peace, service and brotherhood. We tutor souls in mastering these qualities in the solar plexus chakra and help prepare you to receive the gift of channeling or speaking directly to your guides and angels. We assist with the automatic writing meditation  that Auriel teaches. We also assist with the unification of family units, on a soul level. We assist those who are coupled with their twin flames. We assist you with sitting in the void. Where you learn about you, your spirit, what your energy feels like on your own.  We assist you with discovering your purpose(s) on this planet Earth. We sit on the Cosmic Karmic board and we represent the Third Ray. We dispense justice and mercy on behalf of every soul. We assist Auriel Grace with Soul Retrieval and the blessing of Divine