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Sacral Chakra

  Sacral Chakra  -  This is the feeling chakra - energy in motion - emotion   When this chakra is balanced, you are enthusiastic, loving life, loving self. This is where the self love glow comes from.  This is the place of creation and creativity, the appreciation of beauty in all shapes and forms.  When we can give ourselves over to our passion, whether it is our art, hobbies or love, this is what a balanced sacral chakra feels like.  How do we get to that point?  We make sure to not bury or hold onto our pain, we clear out our hurts as we live our lives and not hoard them, this causes us to close or shut down. We stop seeing the beauty around us and start creating chaos in our hearts, minds and the core of our being!  Time to feel and release, forgive and be grateful. When I start a reading I ’see’ your energy field, the layers between colors and then your chakras.  When you are leaking energy from your chakras, the colors are dull and the chakra is sluggish you lack energy

Love Flowers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Why give flowers to loved ones? We appreciate the beauty of flowers, their scents and how they make us feel. Flowers can communicate to our loved ones how much we appreciate them or celebrate them and their accomplishments.  For those of you who will give flowers for Valentines day here are three examples of bouquets for you to think about giving as gifts. For those of you who know your friends or family have 'green thumbs' give them the plants for their enjoyment. Flowering plants can bring us joy for a season or for years.  That reminder of your appreciation will help to uplift and ope


Annunaki - landed 445,000 years ago.  Sumerian - 4500 B.C. Eridu/Eden Created by Anunnaki The Egiki (sp) were to be slaves for them. The Egiki(sp) revolted from too much labor. They were annihilated. The solution was to Create new beings to be slaves. They created a hybrid submissive being - the Nephelim, unicorn, dragons, etc mythological beasts.  The first human male - Adamu - Humans developed quickly, learning the skills the Anunnaki taught them but worried the humans not to multiply. The human population grew to fast and so some were evicted from Eden.  The first flood was caused by the passing of the planet Eridu, causing too much rain and tidal catastrophe’s.   This caused the Anunnaki to flee to their ships. Before they left, the Anunnaki taught the humans how to create monarchies, communities, to lead, giving them more power to lead their own lives and civilizations.  - Tablets 8-9 They also taught the Ziggerats aligned with the constellations of Earth to guide the An