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Psychic Tip of the Day - Big Love!

  Are you ready for LOVE?  What are you doing to attract love into your life?  What type of person do you want in your life?  Create a list of the type of person you want, keep it so you can add to it as you are working on meeting the person.  Understand that having sex with someone is not a relationship. So sex with benefits is not a relationship and that is okay, just understand this.  Remember there is potential in all people, potential is only that, if there is no energy behind the potential. Love is not a project, you don't need to save anyone. Have them save themselves and call you afterwards.  Relationships take time to build upon. Take your time getting to know someone. If you have questions for the other person ask them.  I get alot of this question - Does he/she love me?  If you have to ask that question to me, why are you still seeing that person? Why can’t you ask them yourself?  A potential mate will not ask you for to extend yourself so far it will hurt you.  F

Energy Wave - Aggression

  What is an energy wave? It is a universal flood of information.  This energy wave is about  Aggression - and how to use it to benefit you.   Keep your cool, take a breath and don’t get aggravated with yourself or others, tap into your intuition, your spirit guides and angels for their support and guidance - link to automatic writing meditation - Your relationship with your spirit guides and angels is the most important relationship you have to help you navigate through your life.   By following your intuition and creating a plan or strategy you will get through this energy wave and before you know it you will be flying through the next wave. Remember you want your relationships and business dealings to be an equal exchange of energy and more. This is the time to start looking at these relationships, you might have to weed through friendships, lovers, and business dealings to help yourself maintain your energy.  Remember communication is key to all relationships, practice communic

Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek is one of my teachers, he helps me write these blogs and the Psychic Story Series Books . He assists me when I teach intuition classes. He helped me create the Automatic Writing Meditation on my website.  Who is he? Lord Melchizedek is an ascended master, a Christ Being. What does that mean? The Christ Being is a soul who has completed their soul's journey and who have ascended to the next level for their soul. They assist other souls with their ascension.  For those of you who need to place him within your religion here is an awesome video that can help you with that.  My experience with Lord Melchizedek is not religious, it is that of a student and teacher.  Here is my story. My friend, Mr. Bill needed some sacred tools made, he was going to Egypt to do some exploring. At the time I did not know who Lord Melchizedek was, I was aware of a guide who helped me when I make these types of tools, he wears purple robes.  While making these tools for Mr. Bill, another f

Psychic Tip of the Day - Leaking Energy

How do you know you are leaking energy? Are you always tired exhausted? Are you stuck in your thoughts, ways of being? Do you energetically throw up all over? Let's resolve that issue so you have energy for you and your family.   

Psychic Tip of the Day - Paranormal Investigation

  Last weekend, I went on a paranormal investigation at the Russ House in Marianna Florida. This is a wonderful house to investigate. Each time I have gone up I have different experience. I am going to leave the blog link in the newsletter so you can read about the  Russ House . I like investigating at historical locations. History and historical places are one of my hobbies and when evidence is collected, from a paranormal investigation that backs up what we know as history it is so rewarding.  The Russ House was built in 1895 by Joseph W. Russ, Jr. The home was owned and occupied by five generations of the family for 100 years. All money made by the paranormal investigations goes to the restoration of the Russ House. This property is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can go to visit the house during the daytime hours.  The energy in the house has changed, as we evolve so do haunted places. I have gone back to other haunted places and each time visiting is always differ