Sunday, September 23, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Ascension

A couple of weeks ago during a Facebook Live video, someone asked about ascension. Ascension is a constant. It is not a place or an end. 

How do we ascend as humans? We ascend through the Creators Grace. 

There are lots of 'stories' about how there will be a mass ascension. 

Ascension is personal, it is your choice. Ascension can't be rushed, it is a constant path we walk as wondrous, spiritual beings. 

Earth is our school house, it is a place of learning, discovery and exploring. That is how it was set up and it is still the same. If there was a mass ascension to another planet or plane of existence, how would we have these wonderful discoveries about ourselves? It is up to you to create your 'Heaven on Earth.' This is a 'free will' planet, you choose your path to enlightenment.

Many want to run to ascension, like they want the end of the world to happen so they can escape the life they are in. Stop putting your eggs in one basket and create a life you so want and desire. Perhaps it will take time to build that life, what else will you do with your life, look for a savior to come rescue you? You are your own Savior, rescue yourself.

Now many people have asked me about animals, do they ascend? 

Animals are intuitive, instinctual and Love. They do not have the hang ups humans do, so yep they do. Should we worry about them not ascending? Nope. Animals work on a higher vibration than we do, their capacity for love is huge. Take care of animals, honor and respect them, just like all of nature. 

This is what I really want to say about all this - Enjoy your life, make it what you truly want in your heart. Be authentic, act with integrity, be courageous, be love, be you!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

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