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Egyptian Underworld/Paradise

  Aaru - Field of Reeds  Egyptian Underworld/Paradise How did the Egyptians get to the Field of Reeds? Let’s find out!  Let’s start with Osiris - Pyramid Text Osiris is the God of death, resurrection and fertility. As time goes in he assimilates other gods.  Isis - Goddess of Magic, Osiris sister wife  Nephthys - with her sister Isis, protect and support Osiris in his place as God of Death, resurrection and fertility. Wife of Set  Set(h)- God of Chaos, Brother of Osiris, husband of Nephthys   Anubis -‘kings son’ originally the god primarily of afterlife and burial  - Osiris & Nephthys son  Nephthys, Sets wife, disguised herself as Isis, Osiris wife and had her way with Osiris. Nephthys conceived Anubis through this union, which upset Set. Anubis Set, being very clever, had a party, invited Isis, Osiris and other Gods & Goddesses. Set created a very fancy coffin  and was letting the other Gods ‘try it out’. The coffin was very beautiful, Osiris tried it out. As soo