Egyptian Underworld/Paradise


Aaru - Field of Reeds 

Egyptian Underworld/Paradise

How did the Egyptians get to the Field of Reeds? Let’s find out! 

Let’s start with Osiris - Pyramid Text

Osiris is the God of death, resurrection and fertility. As time goes in he assimilates other gods. 

Isis - Goddess of Magic, Osiris sister wife 

Nephthys - with her sister Isis, protect and support Osiris in his place as God of Death, resurrection and fertility. Wife of Set 

Set(h)- God of Chaos, Brother of Osiris, husband of Nephthys  

Anubis -‘kings son’ originally the god primarily of afterlife and burial  - Osiris & Nephthys son 

Nephthys, Sets wife, disguised herself as Isis, Osiris wife and had her way with Osiris. Nephthys conceived Anubis through this union, which upset Set.


Set, being very clever, had a party, invited Isis, Osiris and other Gods & Goddesses. Set created a very fancy coffin  and was letting the other Gods ‘try it out’. The coffin was very beautiful, Osiris tried it out. As soon as he lay in the coffin, Set closed it up and through it in the Nile. 

Isis, found the coffin drug it out if the Nile and set Osiris free. Set appeared and cut Osiris up and threw his body parts all over Egypt. 

Nephthys feeling bad for her actions help Isis find all of Osiris parts and put him back together with the assistance of Anubis. 

The majority of Egyptian cemeteries were located on the western bank of the Nile. This is the symbolic direction of the setting sun and the underworld. The deceased are referred to as ‘westerners’.  Anubis is known as the ‘foremost of the westerners’ as the leader if the dead. 

A’aru is the Egyptian afterlife. It is the place where after many trials Egyptians were allowed to enter. The Field of Reeds is the afterlife version of the fertile land on either side of the Nile River.  A place that is perfectly peaceful, free of strife and suffering. 

The Egyptians believed they went to the next life and ‘lived’. Their life continues after passing the tests to get into Aaru is paradise. Their ancestors wait to greet them in Aaru where their life continues. Aaru is a place of abundance and fertility. 

the Ka - resides in the tomb resembles you - receives offerings from family & friends.

the Ba - spiritual double - traverses afterlife - full of divinity when it reaches it’s Akh - transfigures into a ‘glorified soul’. 

In the beginning only the Pharaoh and his family, ancestors and descendants could enter the Field of Reeds. As time went by, thieves entered the tombs of the pharaohs and saw the hieroglyphs on the walls. This information got out, the Book of the Dead became public and if you could afford to buy it, you had your ticket to the Field of Reeds. Then there are more creative people who found out about the book of the dead and created - the Coffin Text. This is the spells, prayers and directions including a map drawn inside the coffin for directions to Aaru  everyone was allowed in if the could get through the twelve gates whispering the secret names of gods to float through on Ra’s Solar Boat.

AmDuat  - ‘that which is in the underworld’ The books are divided into 12 hours of the night - Ra’s journey begins at sunset

The Judgement of Osiris is when the Egyptians line up to have their hearts weighed with the feather of Ma’at goddess of Justice, cosmic order, truth, by Anubis

If your heart is too heavy it gets eaten by Ammit - female devourer of the dead. Ammit is the destroyer of wicked souls.

 If your heart balances out you move to Hall of Truth - This where you are double judged to pass through to the afterlife. 

Accepted into afterlife - can decide of they want to be a plant, animal or person in the afterlife. 

Have a great week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace  


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