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When practicing intuition, part of it is understanding and paying attention to the signs and symbols or odd sayings that come to you. Oracles are like that in many ways. They pay attention to  everything around them to receive guidance. Now we have oracle cards. On many of the cards are centered around nature and have saying on them for you to interpret how your intuition is guiding you.  Delphi / Pytho - Sacred Site -  This site is considered sacred as it is a place of different temples of the Gods since antiquity. There were the Oracles for Gaea and Apollo and a temple for Athena. Many treasuries from different countries were present on the temple site as well as  The oracle first was a worshipper of Mother earth - Gaea, but later given or stolen by Apollo. Delphi is referred to as the navel of the Earth. It is the place where people worshipped Gaea and her temple was made from Olive branches from Tempe. Demeter and Poseidon also shared the temple to Gaea.  Themis and Phoebe w

Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Soul Groups

  I am a psychic, reiki master teacher, soul retrieval practitioner and author. I am not a psychologist. If I feel you need counseling I will advise you to seek help.  I am a really practical psychic, I live on Earth like you and we all need practical and loving advice. I am not mystically vague in my answers. If I do not have an answer for you I will let you know.   There are various origins to the theory of the twin flame . In the philosophical text Symposium (circa 385 BCE), Plato said humans once had four legs and arms and two faces. The gods felt threatened by this, so Zeus split the people in two; humans would wander in search of their other half. - Google A “twin flame” is a New Age concept that describes a certain intense connection between two individuals who are supposedly “two halves of one whole.” ' Twin flame'  is not a recognized clinical term, although so-called twin flame relationships can often be described using modern relationship terms. I have never m

Empowering You!

  This is a very exciting time to be alive! I am excited to see the awesome changes coming to us! Pluto Moves into Aquarius on January 20 for 20 years. Pluto is the planet of transformation - Death and Rebirth, transformation and revolution. It takes 250 years for Pluto to complete its transits through the signs.  So what happened 250 years ago? Pluto moved into Capricorn, 1778 and stayed until 1798. What happened during this time?  Declaration of Independence, Constitution, French Revolution, Lots of Inventions, the start of Industrial Revolution and more   That’s why I decided we need to talk about you - Who are you and what do you want?  What has to go, what can you bring back to life, what do you want to accomplish?  Here are some things to empower you -  Are you willing - Solar Plexus, Is Your Heart into it - Heart Chakra, Do you have a strategy - Crown Chakra - Psychic tip.   Why do we do the this meditation? To pull back all our energy from the people and plac