Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Solstice – 12/21/12

We are now coming out of the darkest part of the year. This time of year is the time to release all of those thoughts ideas and emotions no longer serving you. It is the time of year for introspection, thinking about the year and deciding how you want the next year to look and be like. It is time to set up those New Year’s resolutions.

What is your resolve?

On 12/21/12 we will celebrate the darkest day of the year and prepare to open ourselves to our hearts desire. Do you believe in ‘Happily Ever After?’ Now is the time to focus on that which you desire.

What do you desire?

During the days following the Winter Solstice we Celebrate the Light through our winter holidays.

Isn’t it interesting we celebrate the Yule holidays right after the Winter Solstice? This is the time of year when we are open to receive presents and good wishes for the New Year. This is the time of year when we remember and rediscover Hope and Love of our fellow man. This time of year we are able to laugh and forgive easier, we are relieved on every level to Celebrate the Coming of the Sun.

With the Coming of the Sun all things are possible!

Friday 12/21/12 at 7pm, Donna and I are going to host the Open Forum Channeling. You will hear from the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses about intention and Clearing out the old to make room for the new, through Donna. Archeia Faith, Hope and Charity will speak to you about moving out of the darkness and into the Light. They will speak to you about keeping the spirit of giving and receiving in your heart all year long.

We invite you to come and join us for this wondrous event.

Auriel Grace

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bringing Unity to the Community!

Bringing Unity to the Community

When Donna and I started A Gang of Girls Metaphysical School we wanted to create something we could give to the community. We created Free Tuesdays.

Let me explain Free Tuesdays, there are four events we put on each month. We do these events at 1pm & 7pm. This is our gift to our community, you!

Chakra Meditation
1st Tuesday of the month 1 PM  &  7 PM
Learn how to balance your chakras with our chakra meditation. We will begin with the basics of each chakra and then move into the meditation. Please be on time for this meditation it is a channeled meditation from Mary of Magdala. In this meditation you will also have an opportunity for ‘a little soul retrieval’.  It is a beautiful meditation! It lasts about a half hour.

Intention Circle 
2nd Tuesday of the month
1 PM & 7 PM
We will discuss the intention process & how to get clear about what you want in your life.  We will also write a list of intentions and gratitude's, speak them to the group & all agree to put the manifestation process in motion. We also sell the Intention Handbook by Tony Burroughs. Donna & I have witness many miracles from these circles!

When you are in a mindset of Gratitude, there is Hope & where there is Hope, there is love. Where there is Love anything is possible! Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel – The Divine Messengers

Blessing Circle
3rd Tuesday of the month
1 PM & 7 PM
We are blessing givers!  The wondrous Ascended Masters & Angels have given us the blessings to be shared with all who wish to receive.  Come & receive a Peace Blessing from Lady Yumanali, a Heart Attunement from Isis, Archeia Faith's Blessing, clearing all cords and energies not serving you at this time.  If you have a blessing you want to share we are open to it at our Blessing Circle!
We are also Deeksha Oneness Blessing Givers & will be performing the Oneness blessing as well.

Healing Energy Share
4th Tuesday of the month
1PM & 7 PM
Come Share your healing energy/modality.  We will each take a turn in the zero gravity chairs and receive the lovely healing energies.  If you do not have experience with energy, please come and feel how wonderful it is.  You are always welcome to give and receive the healing energy.

These events assist with bringing together like minded people to share their experiences and to have experiences. It is always wondrous to create new friendships and be apart on your community.

We do accept donations for Free Tuesday Events. The donations go to office supplies, some have asked about that.

On the Free Tuesdays Meetup page we also have our other Classes scheduled so you can plan for classes you might be interested in.

On Tuesdays Donna and I are open for services. Our services are their normal prices. We do intuitive readings, energy work, soul retrieval, channeled readings and more.

We are going into our third year with the Metaphysical School and we are so very grateful for your participation with the school! We will continue Free Tuesdays and remember it is our gift to you – so come and enjoy these fun and wondrous events!

'When you give from your heart to those around you, this is unconditional love. Charity teaches us about doing for others as we would do for ourselves and more!' Archeia Charity 
Auriel Grace

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are you a Good Queen or King?

I teach an Archetype Class at A Gang of Girls Metaphysical School. The Queen and The King are popular Archetypes for everyone whether you are a parent or CEO or the president of the USA.

We use these archetypes during Soul Retrieval to assist people with accomplishing their goals and understanding the proper use of wisdom, compassion, elegance, grace, responsibility, understanding, and recognising the specialness of everyone in their kingdom.

What is a good King or Queen? 

Queen  & King-  a hereditary sovereign. A sole and absolute ruler of a state or nation. A person or thing that holds a dominant position.

They have learned to be gracious, wise, a great lawyer, politician and diplomat. The Queen and King understands  responsibility to their people and do their best to serve and lead them. They understand growth and nurturing. The King and queen fully understand the equal exchange of energy & to discern what is the highest good for their kingdom.

The Queen & King assists with leadership and the responsibility that goes with leadership. They are the ones who roll their sleeves up and jump in with any work that needs to be done to acheive goals for their Kingdom.

Are you a good Queen or King? 

Auriel Grace

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Archeia - Angelic Tip of the Day

The Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. I have been channeling the Archeia for 9-10 years.The Archeia's messages are positive ways to empower the self. The Archeia are a resonance or vibration.

The first of the Archeia I channeled was Hope. I love to Channel Archeia Hope! She is the Divine Compliment of the Arch Angel Gabriel, they are the Divine Messengers. Archeia Hope always says She is a verb. She is always in motion. She is the energy that assists with your prayers and intentions. Archeia Hope is a wondrous being of Divine Light!

The second wondrous Archeia I channel is Archeia Faith, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael. they are the guards, guides and protectors. The Archeia Faith is wondrously calm and patient in Her vibration. She guides you along your journey reminding you to be present so you do not miss an opportunity. She will assist you with clearing you energetically on all levels and will keep you safe and out of harms way, if you listen. Her message is how to honor your agreements you made before you came into this life. She gives especial blessings or messages for you of clearing out all ideas and thought patterns that no longer serve you. She asks you to start to see all living souls are your Soul Mates, see the specialness in all souls including your own.

Archeia Grace is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Uriel. She teaches us about the equal exchange of energy and how to bring balance to our lives. It is a life changing experience when Grace speaks of this idea. The energy of Archeia Grace is that of ease, elegance and wisdom. 
Archeia Charity is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Jophiel. She will speak to you about the vibration of Charity and how it changes your life and those around you. When you give from your heart to those around you, this is unconditional love. Charity teaches us about doing for others as we would do for ourselves and more!
Lord Melchizedek is an Elohim. He is wondrous and his messages are easily to utilize. Mostly he wants you to know he loves you and you should ~love you too.~
*In this day and age with so many distractions we have to remember our connections to one another, our spirit guides and our connection to our Creator. When we remember these connections great energy pours through us and we are able to support one another in our efforts. We remember every one is unique including ourselves and we utilize the gifts we chose to use in this lifetime.*
Archeia Joy/ Mother Mary ~ Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Raphael.
Ask the Archeia to help you in your endeavors; open yourself to their guidance and you will see your world change for the better. You will know it is the Archeia, you will feel uplifted and wondrous. You will feel as though you are very clear headed, follow through with their guidance.
Every day is a wondrous day because of them. They are most wondrous and helpful.  Their messages are for the betterment of mankind. They speak of the Earth as our school house. They let everyone know it is up to each individual to open themselves up and remember their Divine connection and their connections to each other. Be kind, be love, be compassionate to your fellow human beings. Treat them as you want to be treated. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Story of Joseph & the Pharaoh

Story of Joseph & the Pharaoh

‘The warden put Joseph in charge of the other prisoners, and soon afterward Pharaoh's chief cup bearer and chief baker, who had offended the Pharaoh, were thrown into the prison. They both had dreams, and they asked Joseph to help interpret them. The chief cup bearer had held a vine in his hand, with three branches that brought forth grapes; he took them to Pharaoh and put them in his cup. The chief baker had three baskets of bread on his head, intended for Pharaoh, but some birds came along and ate the bread. Joseph told them that within three days the chief cup bearer would be reinstated but the chief baker would be hanged. Joseph requested the cup bearer to mention him to Pharaoh and secure his release from prison, but the cup bearer, reinstalled in office, forgot Joseph. After Joseph was in prison for two more years, Pharaoh had two dreams which disturbed him. He dreamt of seven lean cows which rose out of the river and devoured seven fat cows; and, of seven withered ears of grain which devoured seven fat ears. Pharaoh's wise men were unable to interpret these dreams, but the chief cup bearer remembered Joseph and spoke of his skill to Pharaoh. Joseph was called for, and interpreted the dreams as foretelling that seven years of abundance would be followed by seven years of famine, and advised Pharaoh to store surplus grain during the years of abundance. When the famine came, it was so severe that people from surrounding nations "from all over the earth" came to Egypt to buy bread as this nation was the only Kingdom prepared for the seven year drought.’  Wikipedia

This is a favorite story of mine, Donna reminded me of this story while I thought about the newsletter this week. Joseph was given the gift of ‘sight’ and utilized for the highest good of the masses. Egypt was able to feed the Egyptians and more. How wondrous is that?

In this time those with intuitive gifts are coming out of the ‘closet’ and using them for the highest good of the people. In this lifetime we are ‘safe’ to come out and do what comes to us naturally. It is great to be intuitive during this ‘Golden Age’. 

Many psychic’s assist law enforcement to find missing people or to apprehend people. Healers are now allowed in hospitals to ease those who are ill. Those who are mediums or are channels are writing books of knowledge, love, forgiveness and release – reminding us we are multi dimensional beings. How wondrous is that?

More people are coming out of their ‘closets’ and questioning their beliefs because they crave a deeper connection and understanding of their Source or Creator(s). I see it as a miracle as people come to see Donna and I for individual appointments and for the classes we offer. We celebrate your courage!

Give yourself permission to take the next step, to go deeper, overcome your fears, learn how to access and nurture your intuitive gifts.

Take a breath, pick a color, breathe it in until you have filled your whole being and the color is spilling out of you! You are present! Being present is very important for your life it assists you with a great connection to your guides, angels and Creator(s).

Do this for five minutes each day. Every week add a couple more minutes of practice. You will find your days become calmer and you may start to gather the information you desire. Practice being present!

Praying  - Talking to the Divine
Meditation – Receiving messages from the Divine

Keep a journal of the messages or signs you receive from this practice. 

‘You are created in the likeness of the Divine, remember your Divinity! Celebrate it!’ Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel.

Have a great week everyone!

Auriel Grace

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

This is a question I am very familiar with. 

Who are my spirit guides? 
How can they assist me?
Do I have the same spirit guides through out this life time?
Can a spirit guide be someone I knew in a past life?

Here is a nice little exercise for you to do to connect and find out who your spirit guides:

·         Take a breath and quiet your mind.
·         Visualize a vortex or tornado circling your feet.
·         With each breath you take the vortex rises over your body sinning faster and faster.
·         As the vortex spins you allow it to pull out of your field all those thoughts and energies that no longer serve you.
·         Visualize the vortex move up over your legs, hips, core, neck and head until you hear a pop. Your energetic field is now clear! YAY!

·         Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full.
·         When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body.

Say this invocation aloud or to yourself before starting - 

'I invite the spirit who has the message for my highest and greatest good to come forth   and whisper in my ear.'

When she/he is with you, you will feel uplifted, loved and calm. What does she/he look like? Ask her/him what their name is. What is the message today? Remember to write down your messages and to say thank you before you release her/him.

As you practice connecting with your guides you will get to know them and how they can assist you. Remember as you allow them to assist you, you assist them on their Soul's Journey. 

Some of our spirit guides stay with us through our  'lifetime' . There are what I call 'project guides' who assist us  with specific times in our lives and then they move onto their next project.

My Guardian Angel and I have traveled through many lifetimes together assisting each other as guides or humans. We have a great connection!

This time of year the veils between the dimensions are thin. This is a good time to practice communicating and strengthening your connection with your guides. Remember not to dismiss the first things you hear/feel/see. Write everything down so you can review when you have time. 

Remember we are all connected and if we allow that idea to flow through out our whole being connecting with your spirit guides will be a cinch! By the way you can use the same instructions to connect with your Angels as well! Fun for you!

Auriel Grace  Intuitive Reader, Soul Retrieval Practitioner and Metaphysical Teacher

Monday, September 10, 2012

Angelic Tip of the Day - Hope

We are the Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of our beloved Arch Angel Gabriel


We are the Divine Messenger and we oversee many messenger angels on your planet.  There are many who Channel my messages around your world. Today through this Channel Auriel Grace, our sister in human form, we wish to speak about changes on your world and much more.

There have been many civilizations on your planet. Always the people during this time have intended for change. Many have their own opinion how the world should change.  In order for your world to change for its highest and greatest good you must be my helpers, my messengers of Hope.

There is much talk about mass consciousness change. In order for that to happen many have to be in alignment. The personal question is – what change do I want? When you have decided on that change figure out a way to let others know in the best way you can.

In other times on your world change has been created by fear. Let’s change the way the message is worded and make it a message of Love and Compassion for your fellow humans. Perhaps you can create an intention of Peace or an intention of Love. You can start on a personal level –

I intend my heart is open and I am aligned with love.

Can you imagine if a multitude of people said and believed this daily how the world would change? We can and we advise you to start today.

Change starts with the attitude of one and ripples out into the masses. How wondrous is that?

We will remind you that you live on a duality world. This world is created like this so you can learn how to rise above the duality and be present in your life. Celebrate your life every day, no matter your circumstances. We understand there are those who struggle on your planet. We assist them every day by bringing the energy of Hope to them so they can rise above their situation of struggle and see there is more to their life, there is Hope.

Help those who you can, who will accept your assistance openly and with gratitude. Her are other intentions/gratitude’s –

I am so very thankful the quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams!

I am so thankful all of my needs are met and more!

We are the energy that assists you with your intentions and gratitude’s. 

This is your school house and play yard, this Earth, your world. It is a wondrous and beautiful place to live. We ask you to live your life, be present in every moment you can. Listen to your heart and follow through with what you hear. You were created from the energy of Love. You carry the Divine spark with in you, you were created from the likeness of Gods and Goddesses, shine your light to the world so the world can shine their light back to you!

Bless you, thank you, We love you!
Archeia Hope

I am honored to be a trance Channel for the Archeia, the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. Please join us every third Friday of the month for the Channeling Events!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Angelic Tip of the Day - Transition

We come to you today to explain the phenomenon you call Death, we call this  Transition.  

Yesterday we spoke with a human being who has recently experienced a Death close to him. We will use this situation as one of our examples. A young boy was crushed under a tree. Before the child died, one of Arch Angel Azreal's, angels assisted by pulling the boys soul from the physical body. This act of compassion assisted with his Transition with ease and grace.

Your soul is eternal, it is always in action. We the Angels who assist Arch Angel Azreal, are always with you during this time of Transition, the death of your human body. 

Your greatest gift is your life, this is the only life you will have in this time. This life you are living is individual we advise you to live it to its fullest. Treat it as a gift!

When the soul transitions, We the Azreal's angels lead the soul to their next step. The Soul travels through a shower of light, to clean and clear the soul. During this time the soul's resonance rises and is able to let go of their Earthly life.

After the Shower the Soul arrives at what you call Heaven. Every Soul's Heaven is individual to their belief. 

We ask this of you Human Beings - Do not call forth the Soul's who have departed the Earth. When you do this you take them from their journey. 

Each Soul's Journey is a gift and sacred. The Soul will come to visit more often than not. 

This is why We encourage you as a human to utilize your gift of intuition, so you may know when you are being visited. You are able to communicate and have the closure that you desire.

Much of the information you receive as Mediums comes from the etheric realm.  Most of the time you are not speaking to the departed Soul, you are gathering information from the etheric realm. Please learn the difference between the energies of the departed and that of the etheric.

For those souls who choose to stay on the Earth, you call this situation a haunting. There are souls who choose to stay, these souls are here on this plane to let you, humans, know there is more to your world than what you can see with your physical eyes.

Other haunting's are dealt with by your Mediums. They are given the gift of clearing a person or space. Allow them to assist you in your endeavors to clear yourself and your space so you can live a life of ease and grace. Also listen to their advise on how to keep yourself and your space clear. This is part of a medium's purpose to assist and be an example to others.

This is our message to you at this time! Be compassionate and have mercy for yourself and others on your planet!

Arch Angel Azreal's Helper

Auriel Grace, Angelic Channel
A Gang of Girls

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love and Devotion - Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek

Love and Devotion

Today we ask you to look at Love as an energy rather than an emotion. 

In seeing the energy of Love you see yourself. When the Creator Gods created you They created you from the energy of Love. 

Do you see the energy within your being? This energy can heal all hurts and wounds. The Energy of Love can assist you with realizing you are already whole and complete unto yourselves. 

Look into the mirror at yourself. Can you do this without fiddling with cosmetics or brushes? Can you see yourself? How do you feel? Many emotions will run through your being, are the emotions pleasant? Do you love yourself completely? 

Take a breath and quiet your mind while you are looking in the mirror, remembering you are a multi dimensional being. In other words there is more than meets the eye in the mirror. Are you ready to see that? Are you ready to see yourself in that splendor?

We challenge you to see past your skin suit and see the depths of your being. Look at everything about you. Move past all the 'chatter' that keeps you at the surface and move into the depths of your being. How do you feel? Do you feel yourself expand? Do you see colors that are indescribable? In this place you can heal and make changes in how you perceive yourself, your life and what you came here to accomplish in this lifetime. What you see in this place is how We, the Ascended Masters perceive you. This is your Soul. 

While you are in this place/space you will perceive those of your soul groups and those who are connected to you through your soul group. These are your soul mates. These are the ones who have traveled closely to you since your conception. Do you see/feel the Love and Devotion pulsating through this grid or web? In this moment you are the energy of Love. How long can you stay in this energy?

We challenge you to do this lesson everyday. We challenge you to be Love.

We will list expressions of love so you will comprehend the difference from the energy of Love and its expressions - 

Giving of Support - emotional, spiritual, physical, mental
Sexual Intercourse
and more

Practice what we have written for you today. Watch as your life changes and you will not have to ask - Am I on the right path or what is my soul's purpose?
You will know through this practice, You will be Love!

Lord Melchizedek

Auriel Grace is a trance channel for Lord Melchizedek. For more information please visit 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Archeia Faith
A response to

'You are right Michael and Faith are not from any planet but created to ensure every living creatures natural evolution in the universe. but humanity is not very receptive and no longer welcome advice from sources or entities they cannot see.

Michael and Faith are here on earth in human form to help humanity makes through the coming changes in this universe. they are still young '

We, Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith assist when asked or invoked. We were created to serve mankind, to assist with your growth, our focus is to guide, guard & protect.  

IAM Faith, IAM with you always as I am an energy, vibration. I have never walked the planet as a human, it is not part of my focus to become a human. I inspire humans to break free of ideas, emotions and ways of being that no longer serve them. I do work with human beings in groups and singly. I assist with courage in momentum. 

We understand during this time of human evolution, you expect a fast result with your clearing and healing. Sometimes this is possible. You must remember you are the age you are now, whatever that may be and then you must take into consideration how many times you have incarnated on this planet. Now that you have considered all of this time and accumulation of fears, pain and sorrow, decide on an emotion you intend to release and start there. 

Here is a short meditation you can do everyday to assist you with releasing thoughts, ideas and emotions that no longer serve you. As you release 'your baggage' as you call it, do not judge it. Let it go, set yourself free, lighten your load.

Breathe Deep, visualize a tornado of energy surrounding you. With every breath you take the tornado spins faster and you see particles, energetic cords being pulled from you, emotions and thoughts no longer serving you being pulled away from you. Allow the tornado to spin until you feel a shift in your being. When you feel clear take deep breath and stop the tornado.

We also want to clear a way of being that we have seen on this planet. There are many of the Christian Variety of Humans who think the 'sinners' of your planet need to be punished. So you would like Us, Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to descend to your Earth and punish. That is absolutely not our focus. That is a human way of being and thinking. If you do not like your life CHANGE IT! Do not blame or put your unhappiness on others. That is judgement and this is none of the Celestial Beings way of being. 

This is a free will planet. 
That means events can change 
momentously. Keep this in 
mind as you are creating your 
world. Events happen to bring 
like minded people together 
to create something 
wondrous and unexpected.

It is up to you to change your life, love yourself enough to do this. As you make decisions to bring Light and Love into your life so your life will change. Be courageous enough to stand at the edge of the cliff. arms open, on your tip toes and take the step to creating your life. The change will happen as you are open for it. Remember to be open to new ways of thinking and being. Break free of what society dictates and be your own person. 

Our Invocation - 
I invite & invoke Arch Angel Michael to cut & cauterize all cords leading in and out of my being that no longer serve me.
I invite and invoke Archeia Faith to fill me Divine light to heal all my hurts.
I invite Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith to guard, guide and protect me (my family as well)
So be it!

If you have more questions or statements for Us let us know. Write to our Channel Auriel Grace, she is one of our messengers on Earth. Remember the equal exchange of energy when asking for her time!

Archeia Faith, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ascended Masters Tip of the Day - Divine Will

Ascended Master El Morya, Lord Melchizedek

Divine Will

Today we write to you about Divine Will. What is Divine Will?
Divine Will is within you. Divine Will represents the decisions you made before coming into this lifetime and how you intended to follow through with them.
What does it feel like when you are following your Divine Will? It is the deep and wondrous feeling of bliss. We will describe bliss – it is the deeper feeling of satisfaction, a job well done.

Now we will assist you with aligning your

Solar Plexus Chakra - Divine Will - What are you willing to do, learn and be in this lifetime?
Heart Chakra - Divine Love - Is your Heart into what you plane to do?
Crown Chakra - Divine Thoughts - Do you have a strategy?

Place your hand on your computer screen.
Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full. When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body.

Again take a deep breath and connect with your Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is Yellow, it is two inches in diameter and spinning at a comfortable speed for you. Breathe into the chakra, as you breathe into the chakra making it stronger, brighter. When you do this you stregnthen your Will. You stregnthen your ideas that align with you in this moment for this lifetime. Continue to breathe into the chakra until you are in alignment with your Divine Will.

Follow the Golden Cord up to your Heart Chakra. Take a deep breath and connect with your Heart Chakra. This Chakra is Pink or Green or both colors, it is 2 inches in diameter and spinning at a comfortable speed. Breath into the Chakra, making it stronger brighter. The Heart is the place of Divine Love and Truth. In your Heart of Hearts is your truth, continue to connect with your heart breathing into it allowing your truth to move through you, becoming one with it and aligning with your Divine Will.

Follow the golden Cord to your Crown Chakra, which is a diamond white color. The Crown Chakra is at the top of your head, it is two inches in diameter and spinning at a comfortable speed for you. Connect and breath into this chakra. This will help to still the thoughts that do not serve you. When the thoughts are still, you will see the plan you created for this lifetime. You will see that everything you have done thus far has brought you to this most perfect place in your life.

Now connect with all three chakras and sit with this feeling, this alignment. This is where your answers are, they do not reside outside of you. Yes you must absolutely have Earth experiences to lead you within, in this moment and this time. Accept your life as it is now, the experiences you have had. You are present in this moment, what experiences do you want now? Are you willing to do what it takes for forward movement? Is your Divine Heart in alignment with your Divine Will? Do you have a Strategy with your Divine Thoughts?

We understand you need to practice to hear, see, know the answers, please allow yourself to do so. Truly your life is yours, no one elses. Participate and live your life as you decided to upon your arrival in this lifetime.

You are created in the likeness of your Creators, go to the depths of your being and there you will find what you have been looking for.

Auriel Grace is a trance channel for  

Ascended Master El Morya, Lord Melchizedek

Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Will

This is a free will planet. That 
means events can change 
momentously. Keep this in 
mind as you are creating your 
world. Events happen to bring 
like minded people together 
to create something 
wondrous and unexpected.

What does that mean? It means that you have the gift to make up your own mind and your own destiny. 

Through Society we have been taught that we must live our lives a certain way whether we like it or not. When we do not like what we 'have to do' this creates bitterness and frustration, we might even go postal. 

Look at your life, how can you make it better? 

Is the quality of your life beyond your wildest dreams? 

I know change is scary! I have done it a lot! i can tell you from experience when you are making that change for your betterment you will find that every situation you are in will lead you to your goal. You will see your life become easier as you rise above 'scary' and into joy!

So take a breath, breathe in deeply, clear your mind and ask yourself - 

What does my happily ever after look like? 

You are the only one who can make that decision. You are the only one who can make the choices that come with that 'happily ever after.' 

There may be several happily ever afters that you desire. You deserve a wondrous life, it is what you came here to accomplish!  Start with the one dream or desire you really love that you are most passionate about and start getting your ducks in a row! 

in my life I have had many 'happily ever afters'! I have achieved the goals I intended to achieve. I am still working on lifetime goals, I am focused and open to my guides and angels for information and guidance. Remember your guides and angels are here to assist you so allow the assistance. When you receive information from your guides and angels you will feel good and uplifted while making decisions.

 As you move through this process and you let all those thoughts, worries and even people go say to yourself - I intend the quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams!

Watch as your life becomes wondrous and joyous!

How do you get to know your Guides and Angels? If you are a local person in Naperville Il or the surrounding area come to our channeling classes through A Gang of Girls Metaphysical School. We have Beginning Channeling on Thursdays and Saturdays - A Gang of Girls Calendar

Auriel Grace

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