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Message of Hope (+playlist)

Being Grateful - A Message from Archeia Hope

Being Grateful We want to remind you to write a list of Gratitudes and place them where you can see them everyday! Being grateful opens your heart and assists you with achieving your hearts desire. The energy for this year is achieving your hearts desire whatever that may be! You have planted seeds, collected information, learned a new trade, now it is time to act upon the information you have gathered and put it into motion.  The first step is asking yourself precisely what do you want ultimately and figuring out the steps to get there. If there is a long list you must achieve, ask for assistance. It is ok for you to receive help from the ethereal realm and from the physical realm. Remember we can set you up for the assistance but we cannot 'make' you do it. It is up to you to follow through. We have noticed sometimes humans ask for assistance and when we give it to you - you say 'NO!' Why? Because you feel as though you do not deserve it or the situation does not