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Love and Devotion - Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek Love and Devotion Today we ask you to look at Love as an energy rather than an emotion.  In seeing the energy of Love you see yourself. When the Creator Gods created you They created you from the energy of Love.  Do you see the energy within your being? This energy can heal all hurts and wounds. The Energy of Love can assist you with realizing you are already whole and complete unto yourselves.  Look into the mirror at yourself. Can you do this without fiddling with cosmetics or brushes? Can you see yourself? How do you feel? Many emotions will run through your being, are the emotions pleasant? Do you love yourself completely?  Take a breath and quiet your mind while you are looking in the mirror, remembering you are a multi dimensional being. In other words there is more than meets the eye in the mirror. Are you ready to see that? Are you ready to see yourself in that splendor? We challenge you to see
Archeia Faith A response to 'You are right Michael and Faith are not from any planet but created to ensure every living creatures natural evolution in the universe. but humanity is not very receptive and no longer welcome advice from sources or entities they cannot see. Michael and Faith are here on earth in human form to help humanity makes through the coming changes in this universe. they are still young ' We, Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith assist when asked or invoked. We were created to serve mankind, to assist with your growth, our focus is to guide, guard & protect.   IAM Faith, IAM with you always as I am an energy, vibration. I have never walked the planet as a human, it is not part of my focus to become a human. I inspire humans to break free of ideas, emotions and ways of being that no longer serve them. I do work with human beings in groups and singly. I assist with courage in momentum.  We understand during this time of human evolution,