Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love and Devotion - Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek

Love and Devotion

Today we ask you to look at Love as an energy rather than an emotion. 

In seeing the energy of Love you see yourself. When the Creator Gods created you They created you from the energy of Love. 

Do you see the energy within your being? This energy can heal all hurts and wounds. The Energy of Love can assist you with realizing you are already whole and complete unto yourselves. 

Look into the mirror at yourself. Can you do this without fiddling with cosmetics or brushes? Can you see yourself? How do you feel? Many emotions will run through your being, are the emotions pleasant? Do you love yourself completely? 

Take a breath and quiet your mind while you are looking in the mirror, remembering you are a multi dimensional being. In other words there is more than meets the eye in the mirror. Are you ready to see that? Are you ready to see yourself in that splendor?

We challenge you to see past your skin suit and see the depths of your being. Look at everything about you. Move past all the 'chatter' that keeps you at the surface and move into the depths of your being. How do you feel? Do you feel yourself expand? Do you see colors that are indescribable? In this place you can heal and make changes in how you perceive yourself, your life and what you came here to accomplish in this lifetime. What you see in this place is how We, the Ascended Masters perceive you. This is your Soul. 

While you are in this place/space you will perceive those of your soul groups and those who are connected to you through your soul group. These are your soul mates. These are the ones who have traveled closely to you since your conception. Do you see/feel the Love and Devotion pulsating through this grid or web? In this moment you are the energy of Love. How long can you stay in this energy?

We challenge you to do this lesson everyday. We challenge you to be Love.

We will list expressions of love so you will comprehend the difference from the energy of Love and its expressions - 

Giving of Support - emotional, spiritual, physical, mental
Sexual Intercourse
and more

Practice what we have written for you today. Watch as your life changes and you will not have to ask - Am I on the right path or what is my soul's purpose?
You will know through this practice, You will be Love!

Lord Melchizedek

Auriel Grace is a trance channel for Lord Melchizedek. For more information please visit 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Archeia Faith
A response to

'You are right Michael and Faith are not from any planet but created to ensure every living creatures natural evolution in the universe. but humanity is not very receptive and no longer welcome advice from sources or entities they cannot see.

Michael and Faith are here on earth in human form to help humanity makes through the coming changes in this universe. they are still young '

We, Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith assist when asked or invoked. We were created to serve mankind, to assist with your growth, our focus is to guide, guard & protect.  

IAM Faith, IAM with you always as I am an energy, vibration. I have never walked the planet as a human, it is not part of my focus to become a human. I inspire humans to break free of ideas, emotions and ways of being that no longer serve them. I do work with human beings in groups and singly. I assist with courage in momentum. 

We understand during this time of human evolution, you expect a fast result with your clearing and healing. Sometimes this is possible. You must remember you are the age you are now, whatever that may be and then you must take into consideration how many times you have incarnated on this planet. Now that you have considered all of this time and accumulation of fears, pain and sorrow, decide on an emotion you intend to release and start there. 

Here is a short meditation you can do everyday to assist you with releasing thoughts, ideas and emotions that no longer serve you. As you release 'your baggage' as you call it, do not judge it. Let it go, set yourself free, lighten your load.

Breathe Deep, visualize a tornado of energy surrounding you. With every breath you take the tornado spins faster and you see particles, energetic cords being pulled from you, emotions and thoughts no longer serving you being pulled away from you. Allow the tornado to spin until you feel a shift in your being. When you feel clear take deep breath and stop the tornado.

We also want to clear a way of being that we have seen on this planet. There are many of the Christian Variety of Humans who think the 'sinners' of your planet need to be punished. So you would like Us, Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to descend to your Earth and punish. That is absolutely not our focus. That is a human way of being and thinking. If you do not like your life CHANGE IT! Do not blame or put your unhappiness on others. That is judgement and this is none of the Celestial Beings way of being. 

This is a free will planet. 
That means events can change 
momentously. Keep this in 
mind as you are creating your 
world. Events happen to bring 
like minded people together 
to create something 
wondrous and unexpected.

It is up to you to change your life, love yourself enough to do this. As you make decisions to bring Light and Love into your life so your life will change. Be courageous enough to stand at the edge of the cliff. arms open, on your tip toes and take the step to creating your life. The change will happen as you are open for it. Remember to be open to new ways of thinking and being. Break free of what society dictates and be your own person. 

Our Invocation - 
I invite & invoke Arch Angel Michael to cut & cauterize all cords leading in and out of my being that no longer serve me.
I invite and invoke Archeia Faith to fill me Divine light to heal all my hurts.
I invite Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith to guard, guide and protect me (my family as well)
So be it!

If you have more questions or statements for Us let us know. Write to our Channel Auriel Grace, she is one of our messengers on Earth. Remember the equal exchange of energy when asking for her time!

Archeia Faith, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael

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