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Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace - Moon Goddess Story pt 4

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace – Moon Goddess Story Moon Goddess is a very fun and loving person. Her goal was to become a Fairy God Mother! She is a health nurse that works with new Mom's and their new Babies. She started to become aware of the way she laughed and how it disturbed her and others. Her laugh was a cackle. For this Soul Retrieval we did go back in time. Moon Goddess had a lifetime of being a dark witch. She lived in the forest far from her town and practiced her dark arts and reveled in her power. Now I want to pause for a moment and remind everyone we have all had to walk through the dark to get to the light and from the light to get to the dark. That is what life is about to experience every opportunity we can. We journeyed back to Moon Goddesses Dark Witch time to regain her purity she wanted so she could truly be the Fairy Godmother to the people she helps. On our journey mood Goddess met the witch she was, she gave the cackle back to her

Soul retrieval A Way to Grace - Inner Child

Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace Part 3 Rudolph’s Story – Inner Child I worked with Rudolph for about six months a couple years ago. I did many Soul Retrieval sessions with him. One of his goals was to lighten up his life. As a child Rudolph was the oldest child in the family and was the one who helped his mother the most with his younger siblings. This is an issue with people who are the eldest sibling; they are the ones that take on a parental role, especially with single parent families. When this happens many children leave behind that inner child because they are busy helping Mom or Dad and not getting enough attention as a child. The child forgets how to play and turn into workaholics or develop negative ways of getting attention. These children grow up resenting their parents for the lack of focused, loving attention. This was a present lifetime issue we worked with, so we did not need to go back in time. Instead what we did was call forth his Mother’s and Fathe

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace Pt 2

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace Pt 2 Sunset’s Story – Cutting Cords, Releasing old Recordings and Bringing in the Priestess Aspect. We all have lived many lifetimes on this planet in other dimensions and on other planets in other galaxies. For example I wrote a book called the Soul Group’s Journey; you can find it on or on the Amazon Kindle. It is a past life I had that I remembered. Sunset is a woman I worked with for about six months. She is a great healer and a wise woman. During our work we did a Soul Retrieval session because she was crazy about this man who was not for her highest good. He was sucking the life out of her and her wallet. She could not say no to this man and it really bothered her. We decided first that she needed to cut the cord between them. So we created sacred space and checked her chakras for any cords that lead to her man. We found a big cord on her second chakra. We followed the cord to see if there were any past lives that ne

Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace Pt 1

Soul retrieval is a way to Grace. During a soul retrieval session you will release old soul contracts, thoughts and actions that no longer serve you. You may bring in an aspect of yourself that you lost during trauma in a past or present life. You may have to cut cords from a previous or present life to move on and live your life to its fullest potential. Soul Retrieval teaches us to bring forth knowledge from the past and utilize the knowledge now in a positive way. In this blog I am presenting three examples of Soul Retrieval from three different people. I have changed their names for privacy sake. First I will share my own experience with Soul retrieval. Bringing in the Aspect Bast Bast is a representative of Sirius B. She is an aspect of the Goddess. History & Relations of Bast Bast is the daughter of the sun god Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos, Bast is an ancient Egyptian goddess who is still revered by many today. Bast’s worship began around the year