Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace Pt 2

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace Pt 2

Sunset’s Story – Cutting Cords, Releasing old Recordings and Bringing in the Priestess Aspect.

We all have lived many lifetimes on this planet in other dimensions and on other planets in other galaxies. For example I wrote a book called the Soul Group’s Journey; you can find it on or on the Amazon Kindle. It is a past life I had that I remembered.

Sunset is a woman I worked with for about six months. She is a great healer and a wise woman. During our work we did a Soul Retrieval session because she was crazy about this man who was not for her highest good. He was sucking the life out of her and her wallet. She could not say no to this man and it really bothered her.

We decided first that she needed to cut the cord between them. So we created sacred space and checked her chakras for any cords that lead to her man. We found a big cord on her second chakra. We followed the cord to see if there were any past lives that needed attention. We found several and she chose the one she felt was most important to resolve. We invited and invoked the Archangel Michael to cut and cauterize the cord between them. Then we thanked him and asked if he and his helpers would stay with Sunset while she went through her past life.

In a past life Sunset was a priestess to the Goddess Bridget.  Sunset guarded a sacred lake and guided people to healing through the sacred waters. In this life she had relations with a roman soldier who stole a sacred necklace she was given when she took her vows. This roman soldier was the same man she was crazy about in this lifetime. The necklace was a very special gift to her; it represented her power as a priestess.

So to retrieve her power back we did a journey meditation back to the lake, back in time. I guided her back to the time where her Roman lover stole the necklace. I guided her to wait until he was asleep to take back the necklace and forgive him for the theft. She did just that and kissed his forehead and forgave him. I guided her to put the necklace back on before she came back from the journey.

Three days after the session the man showed up with an emerald necklace and told her he was moving and he wanted to break off the relationship. He said he wanted to give her the necklace in acknowledgement of what she taught him in this lifetime. He told he realized how selfish he was and he was sorry for hurting her.

Sunsets relationships with men have also changed. She can intuit now if a romantic relationship will be for her highest good or not and she is able to make her decisions accordingly.


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