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Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace Part 3

Rudolph’s Story – Inner Child

I worked with Rudolph for about six months a couple years ago. I did many Soul Retrieval sessions with him. One of his goals was to lighten up his life. As a child Rudolph was the oldest child in the family and was the one who helped his mother the most with his younger siblings. This is an issue with people who are the eldest sibling; they are the ones that take on a parental role, especially with single parent families. When this happens many children leave behind that inner child because they are busy helping Mom or Dad and not getting enough attention as a child. The child forgets how to play and turn into workaholics or develop negative ways of getting attention. These children grow up resenting their parents for the lack of focused, loving attention.

This was a present lifetime issue we worked with, so we did not need to go back in time. Instead what we did was call forth his Mother’s and Father’s spirit so he could communicate with them on a higher level. During this time his mother was alive and his father had recently left this dimension. During these conversations he forgave his parents for the extra burdens they put on him as a child.

Then I opened a safe place for him and called forth the Cherubim, Angels of Mercy and Raphael the angel of healing. When he felt safe I asked for his inner child to come forth. Rudolph and his inner child faced each other before the inner child walked back into his soul. As soon as his inner child walked in Rudolph’s resonance rose high. He was smiling and comfortable.

I asked for the Angels to stay with him during this process of bringing his Inner Child into his soul. Sometimes the Inner child doesn’t stay because the Adult will not remember how to play and integrate that into his or her life.

Rudolph was able to keep his inner child and stay lightened up more than he had in the past. He was more open to just being content and seeing more of the beauty around him.

Playing is essential for adults. If you are feeling fretful do something creative and fun. Go out dancing or wear that crazy hat you have been putting off because it is childish. Find sometime during the day to do something fun for yourself. It is o.k. to play! It helps us feel happy throughout our whole beingness.

Auriel Grace
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