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Psychic Tip of the Day - Pot of Gold

When I connect to you during a reading or soul retrieval session, I see symbols.  Trips - Airplanes Homes for sale - I see a For Sale Sign Moving - Moving trucks and packing boxes Happy Marriage - Engagement rings over the heart and pink hearts in the energy field. Good Luck - I see shamrocks Blessings - Red Roses and Gold Coins Children - I see their energetic outlines before birth and after. Fork on the Road - decision Cross Roads - life changing event There are more symbols I see during a reading. The list above are the ones I see the most of.  One of the symbols I work with quite a bit is your Pot of Gold, which represents your prosperity and abundance. I thought I would give you a meditation to help you connect with your Pot of Gold so you can check to make sure your Pot of Gold is where it is supposed to be and your gold is flowing directly to you.  Are you ready? Let's Pull that Prosperity into our lives!  Try the medi

Psychic Tip of the Day - Energy Wave

Many of you have asked about when we will have an energy shift since February flattened out energetically speaking.  First, let's talk about January/February, there was a lunar eclipse January 31, then there was a partial solar eclipse February 15. Any kind of eclipse energy is that of clearing out anything that does not serve you at this time. You might have made some decisions to release people, places or objects.  Big event that happened during February - the shooting at Parkland Florida, our gun laws are antiquated and need updating, this is an event that shows us that. Also from Parkland - meet the leaders, movers and shakers of our country! I am so proud of those young people who are using their wisdom to over come and make change! Some of you might have felt like you were being blocked from moving forward with plans or you had to go back and redesign or alter your plans, some of you may feel like you are playing the waiting game. Which can cause frustratio