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Diamonds - April Birthstone

  Diamond –    Moh’s 10   Crystal System, form and Habit – Cubic, octahedra cubes, often flattened and twinned.    Diamond is pure carbon in an isometric system, often forming cuboid or octahedron shaped crystals, and often associated with mineral such as kimberlite. It is the hardest substance found in nature.    Color – In its rough state, cream or yellowish and opaque, only becoming brilliant when cut; also blue, black red, green   Main sources for commercial diamonds are western, central and southern countries of Africa, also from Siberia, Venezuela, from isolated locations in the USA, India and Australia, China (Hunan, Jiangsu, Liasning and Shandong). South Africa   Rarity – rare as a mineral specimen., obtain from a specialist.  Crystals - Jennie Harding, Rocks & Minerals - Michael O'Donoghue     Mythology -  Name – From the Greek word adamas. Meaning indestructible    In one, the god Zeus transforms some children into adamastos, which actually gave us two words ̶ 'di