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The Cost of Charlatans

    Shopping at Ikea - As I was leaving Ikea with my treasures, a woman walked up to and handed me her flyers. She let me know I had a beautiful aura and  also I needed help accomplishing my goal. She could definitely take away anything in my way. I let her know I was good and gave her back her flyer.    What is a Charlatan?    A Charlatan is going to tell you lies, lead you on, put you into fear. That is what they will do to you. They feed off fear and uncertainty.  They will tell you they can get someone to fall in love with you, get rid of anything you don’t want or like. They will do for you, what you can do for yourself.    There are some people in a rush to clear out energy not serving them. The charlatan will tell you they can do that for you  and  charge you an incredible amount of money and more money until you figure out nothing has changed and you are out of money.    They are usually narcissists, cult leaders, people who think they are messiahs, who feed off of oppression,

Gem Remedies & More

  Caring for Crystals Things to do when you buy a Crystal –    Options -  Place the crystal under running water for a minute.  Strike a tuning fork, bell or finger cymbals to cleanse it with sound Light some incense and pass it through the smoke   Second, hold the crystal in you left hand, covering it with your right hand and state – May the energy of divine love infuse this crystal so it works for the highest good.    This two steps will align the crystal to you.    Energized water –  Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine Place a cleansed crystal in spring water in a clear glass jug or large glass and let it sit in the sun for an hour. Take the crystal out and drink the water throughout the day to receive benefits.   Gem Elixirs or Remedy   Caution – do not use any minerals containing lead, mercury or arsenic, all of which are highly toxic   Mother Remedy -  Place a cleansed crystal on a glass bowl of spring water. Leave it in direct sunlight for 3 hours. Take the crystal out and pou

Diamonds - April Birthstone

  Diamond –    Moh’s 10   Crystal System, form and Habit – Cubic, octahedra cubes, often flattened and twinned.    Diamond is pure carbon in an isometric system, often forming cuboid or octahedron shaped crystals, and often associated with mineral such as kimberlite. It is the hardest substance found in nature.    Color – In its rough state, cream or yellowish and opaque, only becoming brilliant when cut; also blue, black red, green   Main sources for commercial diamonds are western, central and southern countries of Africa, also from Siberia, Venezuela, from isolated locations in the USA, India and Australia, China (Hunan, Jiangsu, Liasning and Shandong). South Africa   Rarity – rare as a mineral specimen., obtain from a specialist.  Crystals - Jennie Harding, Rocks & Minerals - Michael O'Donoghue     Mythology -  Name – From the Greek word adamas. Meaning indestructible    In one, the god Zeus transforms some children into adamastos, which actually gave us two words ̶ 'di