The Cost of Charlatans



Shopping at Ikea - As I was leaving Ikea with my treasures, a woman walked up to and handed me her flyers. She let me know I had a beautiful aura and also I needed help accomplishing my goal. She could definitely take away anything in my way. I let her know I was good and gave her back her flyer. 


What is a Charlatan? 


A Charlatan is going to tell you lies, lead you on, put you into fear. That is what they will do to you. They feed off fear and uncertainty.  They will tell you they can get someone to fall in love with you, get rid of anything you don’t want or like. They will do for you, what you can do for yourself. 


There are some people in a rush to clear out energy not serving them. The charlatan will tell you they can do that for you and charge you an incredible amount of money and more money until you figure out nothing has changed and you are out of money. 


They are usually narcissists, cult leaders, people who think they are messiahs, who feed off of oppression, depression, co-dependence, their way is the only way etc. 


I have clients who have been spent thousands of dollars on charlatans. They have been told their spirit guides are no good, they are cursed, the world is going to end, they only need to listen to the charlatans directions,  and more.


Here is some different suggestions – 

Listen to what the psychic is saying – are they asking you too many questions? Are they really giving you answers? Are they clear? Are they helping you feel clear and certain about what they are saying to you?


Try some energy sessions with someone who you trust or do some research, make some calls. Love yourself enough to be responsible for you and your energetic stuff.


Take some classes - Make sure the classes are interactive and you will actually be learning something. 

Beware of charlatans who say they teach but all they do is talk about themselves adding glamour energy to entice you. You will end up doing all kinds of everything except learning how to use your intuitive gifts.


Just like anything else you do, check out the person of interest and see if that psychic, teacher resonates with you. 


Ask the Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to assist you in your search. Pay attention, be present as to where they will lead you. The angels may want you to learn about contrast so you can learn your own truth.

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace



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