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Pro-Life , Pro Choice- Being Responsible for YOU!

Pro-Life, Pro-choice  - Being Responsible for YOU! Driving through Florida on I-75 is a very pretty drive. I loved all the lush vegetation. I felt good to see so much beautiful growth along the highway.  Along the highway were Abortion billboards. I found it very disturbing that the message was 'having an abortion makes you a murderer.' WOW!  Where are the signs about how wonderful a gift Adoption is? How about take responsibility with your body if you are going to have sex signs? Why aren't we trying to resolve the issue instead of creating ill feelings and guilt?  This is something I do and have always said - Love and respect yourself enough to use birth control especially so you don't get STD's or pregnant. If you are not feeling you are ready to be a parent take care of yourself. Birth control methods are everywhere! Try Celibacy. That works too. Parents have conversations with your kids about birth control. Teach the boys about condoms o

Glossary of Terms - Mineralogy/Crystals

                                              My interest in Mineralogy started as a child. I loved rocks!  During my twenties I started making jewelry. I love unique one of a kind pieces. During this time I also took some classes at a local college which gave me a great basic foundation about how the Earth works to birth theses beautiful pieces of natural art.  I have put together the scientific part of what I have learned about gems & minerals as a Glossary of Terms. On July 13 I will be speaking about the glossary of terms on A Gang of Girls Radio  .  Here is the information I have gathered for all of us to share! Glossary of Terms Category - is the process in which ideas and objects are recognized, differentiated and understood.  Formula - chemical compound. Crystal Habit - Crystal habit is an overall description of the visible external shape of a mineral. This description can apply to an individual crystal or an group of crystals