Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pro-Life , Pro Choice- Being Responsible for YOU!

Pro-Life, Pro-choice  - Being Responsible for YOU!

Driving through Florida on I-75 is a very pretty drive. I loved all the lush vegetation. I felt good to see so much beautiful growth along the highway. 

Along the highway were Abortion billboards. I found it very disturbing that the message was 'having an abortion makes you a murderer.' WOW! 

Where are the signs about how wonderful a gift Adoption is? How about take responsibility with your body if you are going to have sex signs? Why aren't we trying to resolve the issue instead of creating ill feelings and guilt? 

This is something I do and have always said - Love and respect yourself enough to use birth control especially so you don't get STD's or pregnant. If you are not feeling you are ready to be a parent take care of yourself. Birth control methods are everywhere! Try Celibacy. That works too.

Parents have conversations with your kids about birth control. Teach the boys about condoms or keeping their penis in their pants. Teach the girls about the different kinds of birth control. Teach your children about self respect and that sex is not love, it is an expression of love. Do what you can to have that open communication with your kids. That way they understand that sex is not bad, it is a responsibility. 

I have asked my son on several occasions if he has condoms. Does he have one in his wallet? He is young and sexually active. I had 'the talk' with my son. He didn't listen and now he has a little girl, he is 21. Does he want to take responsibility for his parenthood? My grand daughter is a brilliant, joyous, intelligent wonderful being of light. 

Did I see her before she was born? Yes I did. I warned my son. Again he disregarded my warning. 

What do us parents do then? Do we want to raise our grand children? 

I don't have a good answer for that question. I find myself spending as much time with my grand daughter as I can. I adore her. 

My son uses birth control now. It is too bad he had to learn the way he has and he does not appreciate his child. 

There are so many people out in the world that are so afraid of being alone they will have sex with whoever they are seeing so they don't have to be alone. Many times each partner is dreaming of a different life. Very sad. 

Isn't practicing your truth more easy and fulfilling than pretending? Be sensible and respect yourself enough to use birth control or choose celibacy. 

Adoption is the greatest gift you can give a loving couple. I encourage anyone who feels as though they are not ready to have a baby, give that gift! Love yourself for following your truth. 

Children are awesome! I love my children! They changed my life! I have three of them, they are adults now. I have learned alot from my children. I learned alot from my kids. I would not change a moment I have had with my children. 

Take the signs down about abortions - they are gross and you are treating the public like we are stupid! Educate the public instead this is after all 2015! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Glossary of Terms - Mineralogy/Crystals


My interest in Mineralogy started as a child. I loved rocks! 

During my twenties I started making jewelry. I love unique one of a kind pieces. During this time I also took some classes at a local college which gave me a great basic foundation about how the Earth works to birth theses beautiful pieces of natural art. 

I have put together the scientific part of what I have learned about gems & minerals as a Glossary of Terms. On July 13 I will be speaking about the glossary of terms on A Gang of Girls Radio 

Here is the information I have gathered for all of us to share!

Glossary of Terms

Category - is the process in which ideas and objects are recognized, differentiated and understood. 

Formula - chemical compound.

Crystal Habit - Crystal habit is an overall description of the visible external shape of a mineral. This description can apply to an individual crystal or an group of crystals 

Cleavage - is the tendency of crystalline materials to split along definite crystallographic structural planes.

Fracture -  a fault that divides the rock into two or more pieces. 

Chatoyancy- is an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones. Coined from the French "œil de chat," meaning "cat's eye," chatoyancy arises either from the fibrous structure of a material, as in tiger eye quartz, or from fibrous inclusions or cavities within the stone, as in cat's eye chrysoberyl. 

Luster- a description of the way light interacts with the surface of a crystal, rock or mineral

Streak - the color left by a mineral dragged across a rough surface

Stalactite  - from the Greek stalasso, ‘to drip’, and meaning ‘that which drips’ is a type of speleothem (secondary mineral) that hangs from the ceiling of limestone caves. It is a type of dripstone. 

Stalagmite- from the Greek stalagmitês, stalagmias, ‘dropping, trickling’ is a type of speleothem that rises from the floor of a limestone cave due to the dripping of mineralized solutions and the deposition of calcium carbonate. This stalagmite formation occurs only under certain pH conditions within the underground cavern. 

Vitreous minerals have the lustre of glass. (The term is derived from the Latin for glass, vitrum.) Common examples include calcite, quartz, topaz, beryl, tourmaline and fluorite, among others.

Crystallographythe science dealing with crystallization and forms and structure of crystals.

Gem Remedy - like the Bach Remedies -made with water, brandy and the gemstone. The stone is placed in a glass bowl of spring water for a certain amount of time and placed in the sunshine, sometimes in the moonlight. Take the crystal out of the water and pour the energized water in a dark bottle, filling it halfway. Pour brandy to fill it. Shake bottle and place in a cuboard for two weeks. Shake the bottle periodically. This is the mother remedy. From this you will fill a smaller bottle with a dropper up 2/3 full with spring water and top it off with the mother remedy. Put 2-3 drops of remedy in a glass of water 3 times a day. The Gem remedy can also be put in bath water and used as a room spray. Check out the recipes different gems & minerals.

Note - Some of the information above comes from  - Love is in the Earth & Wikipedia, Crystals - Jennie Harding

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