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Retraining the Brain

  Let’s start clear for the new year –  Joe Dispenza theory of unplugging the brain. Making new connections in the brain – Our brain is our neurological center – it is literally our wiring.  We are habits or memorized behaviors. How do we create a different life? The life of our dreams? Is it possible? Anything is possible, now what do you want to start happening tomorrow? First let me talk to you about how you have convinced yourself your life has to be a certain way – even if you do not want it to be – For however many years you have been creating habits and aligning your mind body and spirit with those habits, realizing in the very back of your brain, your heart you would rather be skydiving than living this habitual life. How can you change it?  You have to take time for yourself, you have to look at that little part of you that wants to have fun and be joyous. Connect with it and let it grow through your words and actions. It is a practice; it is something that will happen over ti

Archeia Hope Predictions 2021

  Because of Hope & Faith – even my darkest days turn out good.   Archeia Hope is the Divine Compliment of the Archangel Gabriel, they are the Creators Divine Messengers.  I have been aware of Archeia Hope since I was a child. In fact, I am not sure I was not ever aware of her. As a child I knew her as Hope. She was my 'invisible' friend.   I am also a Trans Channel for Archeia Hope. This means I fully incorporate the Archeia so they can speak their messages through me. It is like being filled with Light and Love when this happens. Beautiful.  So this year, like other years Hope wanted me to write her predictions and her warnings to help you and I. The concern is a lack of love for self and others on a mass scale with the pandemic going on.  If you want to learn more about Archeia Hope and her sisters, you can check out Angels, A Psychic's Story on my website. You can preview and buy the book there.  Predictions   Big energy wave coming through starting 12/21 moving th

Energy of Faith

Who is Archeia Faith?   Archangel Michael Divine Compliment Color: Blue Stones: Blue    Choose Faith over Worry  Faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French feid, is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. In the context of religion, one can define faith as "belief in God    Trust and faith go hand in hand – to have faith is to trust and trust brings us peace. The energy of Faith is very practical, faith can help us stay centered and grounded so we can think clearly, plan strategically and intelligently.    Faith is what helps to get us through, illuminating the pathway in times of darkness, helping to give us strength in times of weakness.     Message from Archeia Faith -  During this time on your planet, there are more of you connecting to the energy of faith individually. You are listening and following your guidance. In order to do this you have faith in the spiritual guidance you are getting and using that which resonates with you. Auriel calls these ideas ‘hit

Empathy, Empath, Empathic

Empathy – to understand. Empathy is a great gift, it can help you discern a person or a groups mood, so you can communicate is a way they will understand. ‘Feeling out the room. It is good for you to use this gift of Empathy. it will assist you with knowing yourself and discerning how others are feeling so you have an understanding of how to communicate with them.    It is a great way to tell if you are safe or unsafe.    How many of you are feeling the mass consciousness? Are you feeling down, sad, anxious, not like yourself? Remember to make sure you have your 'egg', disco ball, thick white light all around you so you can filter out what others are feeling and 'know' what you are feeling. This will help you stay clear so you can lead your life in a good way while doing good for others.  When you set up the filters or protections around you, it doesn't mean that you won't feel or have the ability to use your intuition. The filters assist you with more clarity a