Empathy, Empath, Empathic

Empathy – to understand.

Empathy is a great gift, it can help you discern a person or a groups mood, so you can communicate is a way they will understand. ‘Feeling out the room. It is good for you to use this gift of Empathy. it will assist you with knowing yourself and discerning how others are feeling so you have an understanding of how to communicate with them. 


It is a great way to tell if you are safe or unsafe. 


How many of you are feeling the mass consciousness? Are you feeling down, sad, anxious, not like yourself? Remember to make sure you have your 'egg', disco ball, thick white light all around you so you can filter out what others are feeling and 'know' what you are feeling. This will help you stay clear so you can lead your life in a good way while doing good for others. 

When you set up the filters or protections around you, it doesn't mean that you won't feel or have the ability to use your intuition. The filters assist you with more clarity and so you do not take on other people’s burdens. All of us right now have enough to be responsible for, no need to take on more. Remember to clear your energy field once a day with the Centering and Balancing meditation on my website. Maintenance is key to living intuitively and flexing your intuitive muscles. 

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love! 

Auriel Grace 



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