Retraining the Brain


Let’s start clear for the new year – 

Joe Dispenza theory of unplugging the brain. Making new connections in the brain – Our brain is our neurological center – it is literally our wiring. 

We are habits or memorized behaviors. How do we create a different life? The life of our dreams? Is it possible? Anything is possible, now what do you want to start happening tomorrow?

First let me talk to you about how you have convinced yourself your life has to be a certain way – even if you do not want it to be – For however many years you have been creating habits and aligning your mind body and spirit with those habits, realizing in the very back of your brain, your heart you would rather be skydiving than living this habitual life. How can you change it? 

You have to take time for yourself, you have to look at that little part of you that wants to have fun and be joyous. Connect with it and let it grow through your words and actions. It is a practice; it is something that will happen over time. Since you have been habitually living the way you have been, there will be habits to break. It takes 21 days to break a habit and 3 days to create one. 

Look at a habit you want to break, focus on it, for 21 says change something in your day that is attached to that habit. Support yourself through this time period. If you drop the ball during the 21 days, so what? Pick it up and keep going. 

During that 21 days, you are changing your mind, for new habits that you like, when that happens you love yourself more and realize you have the ability to achieve more than what you are doing now. 

When we start to do this, some people might worry about us, thinking we are in crisis, perhaps we need to see a psychologist? Maybe, maybe you need to connect with new people. New friends bring new ideas and more positive habits are created.

Does all this make sense? You are rewiring your brain. 

Here is something you can do to rewire your brain – 

Go somewhere quite and comfortable twice a day for 5 minutes. You can even time yourself. Close your eyes and relax. That’s it. Do this for a week. 

The next week add 3 minutes to your five. Focus on something that brings you joy, something you are creating, something wonderful for 8 minutes. Do this for a week. 

The next week add 2 minutes. Now twice a day you are sitting for 10 minutes focusing on something that makes you happy. 

How do you feel? Do you feel lighter? Continue with this experience now focusing only on what you want your life to be like right now. Continue to add minutes to your quiet time. Write down ideas that come to you and look into them, create an action around them, especially if they bring you joy. 

During this time, you will find some of those harsh habits you have created are not up front in your mind, you are unplugging from the old and creating what you want your life to be right now. This is good. 

For Situations/ people release work. I often talk about pushing energy not serving you out of your energy field. By pushing the energy out of your energy field you are no longer influenced by it and will make better decisions for yourself. A lot of what blocks us from success, business or personal is what we carry around with us. 

By releasing these burdens is lightens you and makes room for blessings, clearly hearing from your guides and angels, gifts from the Universe that come to you in mysterious ways, that which you have been striving for. 

Have a cord cutting ceremony. A Cord cutting ceremony is to cut out energetic cords from other people, lovers, undesirable people, family etc. This will also help the flow of energy and clear your energy field. Make sure the person performing the ceremony invokes the archangel Michael. 

To maintain your energy field, you can invoke Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith – 

I invite and Invoke Archangel Michael to cut and cauterize all cords leading in and out of me no longer serving me.

I invite Archeia Faith to fill me with divine light to heal me. 

Here is another way to help you push energy no longer serving your highest good – say this with meaning while focusing on a person(s) or event in your life - 

I love you 

I bless you

I forgive you

I thank you

I release you

The reason why you say it in this way and push the energy away from you is because you love you, you want to bless the situation, forgive what happened, be thankful for the lesson and release the energy of it. When you do this, you make room for the life you are working on creating. 

Try these ideas and let me know in the comments if they work for you. They have worked for me and I am deserving and happy of the life I have created. 

Give yourself some love!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love! 

Auriel Grace


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