Archeia Hope Predictions 2021


Because of Hope & Faith – even my darkest days turn out good. 

Archeia Hope is the Divine Compliment of the Archangel Gabriel, they are the Creators Divine Messengers. 

I have been aware of Archeia Hope since I was a child. In fact, I am not sure I was not ever aware of her. As a child I knew her as Hope. She was my 'invisible' friend.  

I am also a Trans Channel for Archeia Hope. This means I fully incorporate the Archeia so they can speak their messages through me. It is like being filled with Light and Love when this happens. Beautiful. 

So this year, like other years Hope wanted me to write her predictions and her warnings to help you and I. The concern is a lack of love for self and others on a mass scale with the pandemic going on. 

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Big energy wave coming through starting 12/21 moving through til March 2021. This is a great time to renew, revamp your future plans. It is a good time to finish projects and begin new ones. Lay solid foundations for your future. During this time you may want to make decisions that are for your highest good, what benefits you the most. Be open to receive  from expected and unexpected sources. 


Corona Virus – this illness affects everyone differently, it is a virus. You will need to take care of yourselves appropriately. Make sure to take care of your immune systems, eat healthy and make sure to get rest. Wear masks and wash your hands. If you can stay home, stay safe.  We understand some of you have isolated yourselves and taken precautions, thank you. For those of you who have thrown caution to the wind, stop complaining. 


The mask wearing does help the person wearing the mask. The hand washing helps the person washing the hands etc. It will last through 2021 tapering off at the end of the year. Please take care of yourselves.  Look to Australia and New Zealand – they are a great example of taking care of their people. 


During this time of solitude you have been given the  opportunity to know yourself better. Maybe took stock of your life and decided to make changes. Be brave make the changes that you are drawn too. You might have to invest energy into these changes, be brave, have the courage to see your goals through. 


We want you to know this virus is not a punishment from your Creator. It is a virus. Eventually it will go away as virus do. 


You will see a migration of people moving to more temperate environments. There will be more homeless people. Please help them when you can. 


You will find 2021, will bring some resolution to your civil unrest. Not all, we suggest plans for restructuring your laws, judicial system, how and who cares for your children and paying attention to what is happening in your towns counties and states. If you want change you are the ones who must put energy into change. Be thoughtful, strategic and brave. 


Your government, there is much bargaining in your government and not for the highest good of the mass, only for specific people. Yes, there will be a new President and vice president, this will not heal all, there will be less strife. The vice presidents voice will be heard and she will do what she can to create action for the highest good of the mass, she will lead.   


Be wise with your prosperity, do not panic with your stock market or other ways of creating prosperity. Be patient, be diligent. 


We also predict that your media will go crazy with half stories, even more so 2021. Please make sure to check the sources before you go on a rampage. Make sure to know the truth of the matter. Knowing the truth may be boring, at least it is the truth. Spreading poison is not good for the soul or the environment. 


We will remind you this is a ‘free will’ planet. This is a place where you have the opportunity to create your lives as you desire them. There is no one holding you in place except you. You have the freedom to choose to rise and create. What an awesome gift to have. Yes, there is sorrow and pain, yes there is unfairness, yes to all of what you will put forth. Feeling the pain, disappointment, anger, frustration is good. Holding it creates other calamities. Let all of it go, remember your lessons learned and be wise from it, so you can continue, in a the best way, for your highest and greatest good.

Bless you, Be the Light!

Archeia Hope, Divine Beloved of Archangel Gabriel 

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Have a wonderful week! Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace







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