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    Have you been taking time for yourself? You should be up to 10 minutes now? How do you feel?    You have asked me how do I know where to start when I am working with you energetically during a reading. I start by checking your chakras and anything blocking my seeing the chakras.    Chakras can give big insight on how a person is doing energetically. By clearing the chakras, you are able to come back to center, ground yourself and be more comfortable in your human body.    Generally a chakra is bright in their color, moving at a comfortable speed for you. Not all of your chakras will be spinning at the same rate. You don’t want them to spin at the same rate, they are in different areas and this can cause imbalance.  They are about 2-3 inches in diameter and they are a tube – there are openings front and back.   I encourage you to focus on your chakras and feel how they are connected to your physical body. For example if you focus on your heart chakra and the speed in which it is spi


  What is influence?  T he capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.   There is a lot of crazy energy influencing us right now. As empathics or Intuitives we are probably seeing many outcomes. There are many outcomes and some of them are not clear.    We are being influenced by the media and picking up on the energy outside of ourselves. What I mean is look what happened in Washington DC. There was a riot, loss of life, damage don etc. So there are people who feel as though they accomplished something – what I am not sure, sadness for loss of life and damage done to the Capital Building. That is a lot of different energy coming at us from the event that happened.    The media is constantly bombarding us with this information which inflames this energy. We feel the energy again x100 and are overwhelmed with the craziness of it.    I heard about it and immediately wrapped the area up in light and prayed for resolu