Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Psychic Tip of the Day - Miracle of Prayer

How many of you have found yourself in a situation where you thought there was no way out of?

I have been in plenty of situations that I thought 'I need some assistance, some guidance, show me what I am missing so I can correct it.'

When in actuality I was in the perfect place at the perfect time to create something different and new for my higher and better good. 

A lot of my life has not been as I thought it should be. Instead it has been a wild and crazy adventure. When I thought I was in a spot that there was no path out of, I prayed. I dialed up and connected to my guides, angels and Creator and explained what I saw and asked for guidance. 

Many times the responses were like a riddle for me to figure out. 

Here is an example - 

When I was getting ready to leave Hawaii, my Dad sent me airplane tickets to Virginia. That was an answer to my prayers! I was relieved of that stress. It was the year the airlines or pilots or something went on strike, Clinton was president and I was freaking out. No one was going anywhere!

My prayer was - God, please talk to these airline people and get them rolling again. Thank you!

I think there were a lot of other people praying the same prayer because the day before I was supposed to leave, the strike was up. God intervened! That was so awesome!

When I arrived at the airport to check in I said a prayer everything would be good to go through the process. I had two little boys and two suites of luggage, a carseat and carry on for the boys.

I got to the counter, the woman giving us tickets started to argue with me about putting the luggage in a locker. I had too much. One of the baggage guys heard her, looked at my tickets and explained to her my Dad was the baggage chief in Las Vegas. After that she was just as nice as she could be. I also got an escort through Honolulu airport to my gate and onto the plane. 

God intervened and blessed my sons and I. I am thankful!

There is an example of how prayer and intention works. 

Before praying, get in a place where you feel gratitude, think of all the things you are grateful for - 

Your Spouse, Children, grandchildren, home, cars, friends, love, how pretty geraniums are, 

Keep feeling grateful, let that gratitude flow through you, this opens you up to the different ways the Creator works. 

Then say your prayers, whatever they may be.

Then meditate to start the process of hearing or knowing the best direction to take for your highest and greatest good.

Watch and be open to the energy miracles!

Here is the Centering and balancing meditation to help you get clear - 

“I think everyone should pray. I think everyone should be open to the miracle of prayer and meditation. First see what you are grateful for, gratitude helps you see where you are and opens you up to prayer and meditation. That’s what happens for me anyways. I have read a lot about it. I really feel that’s how we won the lottery and are here now.” - Lucy Prophet ll

Keep your Hearts open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Psychic Tip of the Day - Opportunity

When Opportunity Knocks Open the Door and check it out! It doesn't matter if it doesn't look like you thought it should, you never know what can happen if you are present and paying attention to the opportunity. You are giving the Universe, Creator a way in to see if this is a good fit for you. Ultimately it is you who are accepting the opportunity, you are the one in charge!

This past year opportunity has knocked and I have answered the doors! I have checked out my options and made some decisions that are changing my life, I like it!

I decided to finish books I was writing and start a new series of books - 

These two books cover part of the workshops I taught in Chicagoland. So for those of you who are interested in continuing or practicing what you have learned I recommend them for reading! There are true stories about my spiritual adventures and what I learned! There are handy tips for practicing your intuitive skills in these books! Both of these books are available in kindle and paperback format!

The next Psychic Story Series book is I Am Psychic - Not Telepathic . It is the Intuition book based on Clarity 101 workshops I used to teach. This book will be available 12/2017. It will have more information and handy tips for you to improve your intuitive skills! 

I finished some novels too and they are very fun to write. I am going to continue writing the Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl Series because I love it and it is a great story unfolding! 

As a radio hostess I decided to broaden my horizons and will be learning how to engineer the radio shows on WGOG-DB. Yep I never thought I would do it, I am willing to try it! 

I am grateful for A Gang of Girls Radio, it has been a great opportunity to provide you and me with different ideas for us to consider - opportunities to expand ourselves!

I had to get used to doing readings, soul retrieval and teaching through FaceTime, Skype and phone! Another opportunity to expand and really learn how to trust my abilities, spirit guides and angels. 

Now I have given you some examples of my own opportunities. 

The past year has been stressful and hard on many people because they have a certain idea of how their lives should be - key words here - should be. That means these people are still doing the same thing expecting the different results. Why are you doing that? Why do you put yourself through so much stress and anxiety?

Perhaps it is time to change it up and remember what you really want to do, check it out, research it and try it on, see if it fits. If it doesn't fit tweak it until it does or you have another brilliant idea. Follow through.

Opportunities are presented to me all the time. I hardly say no, I feel it out to see if it resonates with me and if it does I try it on. 

Look at your life, see what you can make better or change, you might even make U-turns or a turn in a different direction. Thats ok, give yourself permission to expand and grow. 

This is the only lifetime you will be this persona  - make great memories for the lifetimes to come!

Knock, knock - open the door - you have a magnificent life ahead of you!

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of LOVE

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