Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace - Moon Goddess Story pt 4

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace – Moon Goddess Story

Moon Goddess is a very fun and loving person. Her goal was to become a Fairy God Mother! She is a health nurse that works with new Mom's and their new Babies.

She started to become aware of the way she laughed and how it disturbed her and others. Her laugh was a cackle.

For this Soul Retrieval we did go back in time. Moon Goddess had a lifetime of being a dark witch. She lived in the forest far from her town and practiced her dark arts and reveled in her power. Now I want to pause for a moment and remind everyone we have all had to walk through the dark to get to the light and from the light to get to the dark. That is what life is about to experience every opportunity we can.

We journeyed back to Moon Goddesses Dark Witch time to regain her purity she wanted so she could truly be the Fairy Godmother to the people she helps. On our journey mood Goddess met the witch she was, she gave the cackle back to her former self and brought into herself the Purity she lost during that lifetime.

Now when Moon Goddess laughs it is a pure and fun laugh and she feels 
confident with her dream of being the Fairy Godmother to the people she helps.

Now you have read four different stories of Soul Retrieval and how it helped these people regain parts of themselves that they lost. Now you have a better idea of how it works and maybe how it can help you.


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