Spirit Guides & Animal Virtues


Spirit Guides – 

Everyone has spirit guides and angels assisting us through our lifetimes. 

Ancestors & Family Members

Past Life Friends

Special Guides for Projects 

Ascended Masters & Angels

There are times in our lives our spirit guides and angels change. I call this the changing of the guard. It is when we reach a maturity milestone and it is time for different guides to come in and assist us. 


Automatic Writing Meditation


Animal Spirit Guides

Animals you have cared for in this lifetime

Other animals that represent different virtues you are working on - 


Eagle – Divine Source

Hawk – Messenger

Crows – Laws & Structure

Ravens – Prophecy and Insight

Owls – Magic

Deer – Gentleness

Otters – Play

Squirrels – Gatherers

Mouse – Scrutiny

Snakes – transformation/transendance 

Dragonflies – Illusion

Butterfly – Change

Ants – Natural Pharmacists

Lizards – Dreams

Elephants – Strength & Power

Wolves – Community

Lynx – Secret Keeper

Lion – Majesty, courage, justice

Rabbit – Fertility

Dog – Loyalty

Cat – sensuality

Spider – Creativity

Bumble Bee – Celebration

Frog -  Cleansing

Hummingbird - Joy

Check out the book Animal Speaks - Amazon for more information on animals. This is a great book to learn more about the virtues of animals. 

Have a great week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace 




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