Poltergeist & Possession

What is a Poltergeist

In most cases of poltergeist activity is associated with adolescents, most of the time girls. It is energy created by the passionate emotions of young people. This energy can create chaos around the person, objects can fly, doors will open and close etc. 

When dealing with parents, I suggest redirecting the young person, communication is key in these circumstances. Finding out what the teenager might be interested in and seeing about making that happen. Make sure they are involved with accomplishing the interest. Do not do it all yourself as a parent.

It is really important for your teenager to have something to channel their frustrated energy. 

What is possession

Possession take a while to happen, years. It is not quick as it is a malevolent or bully spirit who is breaking down the targeted person.  This person will go through a subtle transformation at first, you will see actions out of character over time. 

Recommending the person get help is something you can do, it depends on the person, everyone is different. A good psychic will be able to tell you if someone has this going on and can give recommendations. If the person is trying to commit suicide, they need to go to the hospital and receive care through counseling.  The person will need love. support and care.

I talk and write about this to help you overcome your fears about these subjects. To give you practical ideas to use. You can check out A Psychic's Story Series on my website and see if it resonates with you. 

If you have questions or concerns please email me at agangofgirlsinc@gmail.com

Have a wonderful week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!



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