Psychic Tip of the Day - Poltergeist

German – Poltern- to knock
                    Geist – Spirit/Ghost
Malevolent - having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person
Telekinesis - the production of motion in objects without contact or other physical means
Psychokinesis - movement of physical objects by the mind without use of physical means
Poltergeist is the term used to describe an energy or spirit which specializes in making sounds & moving objects around a house or building, resulting in damage and mayhem.  
This Energy can be Malevolent but on the whole are thought to be mischievous nuisances. I believe poltergeist energy is a manifestation of telekinesis due to the frequent occurrences in households with adolescents experiencing frustration and emotional tension.  Teenagers who harbor internal anger from some sort of stress within the family.  
Psychokinesis is an unconscious way of expressing that anger without the fear of punishment and in most cases the child has no idea they were causing the disturbances.  
For teenagers/children we recommend counseling and ways to release frustration and anger. Sports, creative/artistic projects anything to assist with releasing these furious emotions, creating the poltergeist energy.

Staying positive and doing positive, keeps you uplifted, clear & present in your life.  So you teenagers out there – find something you really want to try and do it! Find your dream, whatever that is right now and make the change of attitude to fun, enjoyment and satisfaction! 
Be flexible, be present & Shine your LIGHT!


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