Summer Solstice & Crystals

Summer Solstice is a day to celebrate abundance, it is a day to commit to those ideas serving you. Feel the fullness of the energy of summer. 

One summer we went to the Summer Solstice Ceremony at Chaco Canyon. At Chaco Canyon there is a kiva, Casa Riconada. This Kiva has windows aligned with the Summer Solstice Sun rising. As the Sun rises we watched as the sun passed through the windows. While we watched the sun rise, someone played the flute, ravens flew overhead. 

What will you do to celebrate the sunshine and summer? 

There will be a full moon during the summer solstice. Here is the question I have for you to think about, what were your intentions or plans in January? This full moon you may see your plans coming into fruition. Keep nurturing your manifestations. Stay the course!

Make sure to check your boundaries, your foundation to make sure it is flexible. 

Here is the next question for you - What is expiring within you or in your environment? What are you letting go of or have let go of?  I am reminding you to make space for your wondrous transformation. 

What karmic lesson have you learned? 

How do you want to be seen? 

Are you surfing the energy wave moving through right now? The energy wave will be at its fullest around July 21st. This is a great time to double down on your efforts. Focus and strategize. Stick to your plans, stay focused, hold your vision. 


Easily obtained - Madagascar, Russia, USA

Moh’s 6

Physical/Emotional - Encourages loving, compassionate communication by bridging the heart and throat chakras. 

Personal Uses - wear to help you deal with emotional challenges and relationship issues. 


Easily Obtained in variety of shapes and sizes.  Africa, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia, USA 

Moh’s 7 

Physical/ Emotional - Stimulates third eye and crown chakra, enhancing personal awareness. 

Personal - Wear or carry amethyst to help calm mental stress. place in bedroom to help with sleep.


Green Apophllite is rare. but is available from specialist suppliers. 

Moh’s 4-5

Physical/Emotional  - Refreshes the mind and clears the heart chakra of emotional debris. 

Personal Uses - Reiki Stone, meditate with apophyllite to increase your awareness of other realms.


Easily Obtained - Brazil, India, Russia

Moh’s 7

Physical/Emotional - Encourages optimism and a renewed zest for life, as well as gratitude. Supports heart chakra.  Encourages Harmony

Personal Uses - Meditate to assist with presence. 

Blue Calcite

Easily obtainable - Mexico, USA,

Moh’s 3

Blue Calcite is a gentle, soothing crystal ideal for periods of recovery and recuperation. It is also believed to aid relaxation. Blue Calcite can help to lower blood pressure and reduce physical pain. Blue Calcite releases negative emotions and aids clear communication, especially when placed near the throat chakra.


Easily obtained - Europe, Madagascar, USA

physical/Emotional - Enable higher levels of communication with spirit guides and angels. 

Personal Uses - place geodes of celestite in a room to bring gentle healing. 


Natural Citrine is rare, consult a specialist supplier

Geography - Canada, France, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Spain, USA

Physical/Emotional - Stimulates creative thinking and inspiration, freeing the mind of limitation. Helps to enhance physical vitality. 

Personal Uses - Place in your space for good fortune and abundance. Take the gem remedy to revitalize the system. carry a crystal with you for inspiration. 

Green Fluorite

Easy to Obtain - Brazil, Britain, China, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, USA

Moh’s 4 

Physical/Emotional - Assist with restoring heart chakra. Encourages new growth and beginnings

Helps with practicality

Personal uses - Place in meditation space, for peace and clarity during meditation. 


Easy to obtain.

Moh’s 6-7

Physical/Emotional - Helps to clear old life patterns to encourage new experiences. Strengthens solar plexus and heart chakra. Encourages mental clarity and clear decision making. 

Wear a peridot pendant to attract love into your life. 

Pink Calcite - 

Easily obtainable - Mexico, USA, Iceland, England, Germany, 

Moh’s 3

Blush-coloured Rose Calcite brings positivity, peace and serenity into your life, as it acts as a deep emotional cleanser for the heart chakra, clearing out past emotional wounds tied to love, self-love and relationships, which can support emotional healing.


Easily available - Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, India, South Africa, USA

Moh’s 6-6.5

Physical/Emotional - Helps to expand the heart chakra into unconditional love, gently soothing and calming the nerves. 

Personal Uses - meditate with prehnite to experience peace and calm. Sleep with it under your pillow to encourage soothing dreams. 

Quartz Crystal - 

Easily obtained, Brazil, Madagascar, USA, 

Moh’s 7 

Physical/Emotional uses - Positive energy stone. Amplifier of energy

Personal uses

place in your home to cleanse the energy and enhance peace and clarity. 

Rose Quartz - 

Easily obtained, Brazil, India, Madagascar, USA

Mohs 7 

Physical/Emotional Uses, Supports the heart chakra in al ways. Encourages and awakens an appreciation of beauty.  

Personal uses - wear over the heart to attract love into your life. Place in your home to create harmony and peace


Easily obtained, Italy, Mexico, USA, 

Moh’s 2

Physical/Emotional, Assists with cleansing and aligning chakras.  Enhances enlightenment

Personal Uses, place selenite in the home or in a meditation space to clear the energy. 

These are my summer crystal picks for this year. Crystals are great tools to help with whatever your focused is. Have a beautiful summer! Remember keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace


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