Energy Is Energy

Energy is Energy - what do I mean by writing this?

We do distance Reiki and it works, it is Universal Energy that is all around us, that moves through us and into the individual or animal we are working with. 

We do readings, soul retrieval and more over the phone, your spirit guides and angels show up to give the information for you during these sessions. 

Same thing with other energy work we do. The internet has helped broaden what we can do as well through Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and more. 

What it is, is information being transferred through energy  - I call it a download. The energy is transferred in a way that can be translated into words.

A couple weeks ago a woman emailed me because she has a haunted house. The haunting is escalating and she was referred to me. She lives in Illinois, I live in Florida. 

I let her know that I could work on the house from a distance as I have done this before with great success, why? Because energy is energy. What are we - ultimately we are energy with skin suits on. What are spirits? Energy without skin suits on. 

Clearing a haunted house for a practiced psychic from a distance is like having the psychic in your space. 

I know you like ceremony and maybe some drama with the clearing. I don't do drama or a ceremony. 

I open a doorway and let the spirits know they will be happier going through the doorway. When the spirits see the doorway of light they want to go through. Sometimes they need assurances they are going to a good place. I give them assurances and most of the time their spirit guides, relatives who have past over with show up and encourage them to walk through the doorway. It is really very beautiful!

I am a travel agent! 

I teach the family how to keep their homes energetically clear so they are empowered and have the ability to keep their space a peaceful sanctuary. It is very important for everyone to have that safe sanctuary to live in. I will let you know if I have to refer you to someone else or help you find someone else to clear your space. 

Thats why I started writing A Psychic's Story Series is to help you understand the dynamics of energy, its potential in your life and how you can practice using energy for your benefit. 

Open yourself up to how the different energies work and how you can work with energy for your higher and better good! 

Flex your intuitive muscles!

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


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