Attention: All Metaphysical, Paranormal & Spiritual Business Owners

I received this message from Juliana Solovjev -  

Hi Auriel! Thank you for contacting me. The City of Chicago appears to have an old zoning ordinance which prohibits "astrology, card reading, palm reading or fortune telling in any more form" outside of a small area expensive/less-than-nice by the downtown. 

If you are located anywhere else in the city, in some areas it's prohibited completely, and in some you can apply for a variance. 

The problem with the variance is that it takes 4-6 months to get in front of the zoning board, costs $1025 just to apply, and requires a bunch of studies, reports, notifications of residents within a certain area, etc. So, for a small business, like a new age shop, or a spiritual readings shop, the burden of trying to get a variance makes it almost impossible to obtain. 

By creating this sort of a zoning situation, the city is effectively zoning this type of business from the city limits. My shop, The Lady of Light, A New Age Boutique, received a Cease & Desist letter for "spiritual readings" in May. 

I subsequently learned about all this weird zoning stuff because I was not informed about it when I applied for my business license. The City told me that I could not do readings, hold events or classes on metaphysical topics. I had to go to court, pay a fine, hire an attorney. 

The local Chamber of Commerce told me that even if I applied for a variance, I would most likely not be able to get it because the neighborhood association would fight it. 

Because of this, I'm having to close my shop and move out of City limits. 

I also believe that the City does not have any reason to limit the business and the citizens' 1st Amendment right of Free Speech of giving and receiving spiritual readings. 

I interviewed Juliana on A Gang of Girls Radio on 10/29. Here is the link to hear the interview. 

I have seen this type of thing happen in other cities and towns I have visited or lived in. These antiquated laws were created to protect people from charlatans and snake oil sellers. Unfortunately, these types of people still take advantage of  naive people. Since the media lives drama - the population hears about the fraud. This gives the good people here to help a bad rap.  

There are some places where towns, cities, counties and states have changed these laws. 

It is a good idea to check out your laws, ordinances and zoning areas yourself rather than relying on someone in a city office. They probably won't know about the laws before they hand you your business license and tax I.D. 

How to resolve some of this conflict?

If you have been taken advantage of - report it. Don't let that bad person hurt someone else.

If someone tells you - 

You have a family curse, that why you have bad luck - for this amount of money I can get rid of that for you. 

You have to do this

I can light a candle for you for your love life to get better 

You have a Demon attached to you

The list actually can go on. If you feel uncomfortable - leave, walk away.

You are your own rescuer, you are the one in charge. Don't let anyone put you in fear or make you doubt yourself. Thats how fraudulent people get in and they will stick to you like glue. 

I have clients who have spent thousands of dollars on people taking advantage of them. The are energetic vampires and they will suck you dry, dump you and move onto the next person. 

Take care of yourselves in all ways and on all levels!

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of Love!


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