Soul Retrieval & Fertility

Women are choosing in this time to wait to start a family. They are creating something for themselves first, having life experiences, career, travel. I am all for that, I love seeing everyone choosing adventure and fun!

We are seeing more couples who are waiting until they feel ready to have children, making wise choices for their families. 

I have a client, we are going to call her Daisy. Daisy was thirty six years old and she and her husband were ready to start their family. They had started planning for their child three years previous. The medical doctor couldn't find anything wrong physically with Daisy nor her husband. When Daisy contacted me about her issue, I told her I saw her little girl's spirit right next to her. The little girl was waiting for Daisy.

Daisy was very excited about me seeing her little girl. She started crying. Then she started to tell me about how afraid she was of having a baby. The baby could be sick, or die, Daisy could die. Lots of painful thoughts and emotions coming up for Daisy around child bearing.

I looked into Daisy's Akashic records and there were several lifetime consecutively were Daisy lost her children through sickness, miscarriage and she was even beaten to death for not being able to conceive. 

We planned and did three different soul retrieval sessions. One lifetime at a time. Daisy also received reiki and cranial sacral therapy.  She was able to overcome her fear and conceive her daughter after six months of her soul retrieval sessions. She has three children now and is thrilled to be a mother. 

This is one example of how Soul Retrieval can assist you overcome your fears of the unknown. 

Keep your Hearts open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


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