Haunted Russ House

On November 18th Todd and I visited the Russ House in Marianna Florida. The Russ house was built by Joseph W. Russ Jr. It is a historic site built from 1892-1896. The house serves as Jackson County's Visitor Center, located at 4318 Lafayette St. 

If you are in the area, I highly recommend going to visit the Russ House. It is beautiful. 

This was my second time visiting the Russ House. This time, I met a new friend, Tara. Tara is also an intuitive, which made the discoveries of the house more fun.

We started at the front porch. When I visited the house previously, I felt the energy of children playing. The porch at that time was being worked on so I couldn't sit out there to investigate. Tara and I were able to sit on the rocking chairs out on the porch and do an EVP session for about ten minutes. Remember while doing an EVP session to give time between questions for the answers. I give at least one minute between questions. 

We asked about ten questions, we received two responses from a female spirit - 

Did you like working here?  Female Spirit - No
How Many Children lived here? - 2

At one point during the session both Tara and I turned around at the same time feeling the female spirit in back of us. We felt her presence at the same time! Was she scarey? No, definite presence.

We also investigated a couch on the upstairs landing. The couch was brought into the house and is a period piece. I am estimating 1920's. The feeling when you sit on the couch is there is a presence standing on the right side, waiting. We did a short EVP session there. We haven't reviewed the recording yet. I feel like this spirit came into the house with the couch. The couch is a haunted object. 

At the end of the evening there was a group session with the spirit named 'trickster' or 'prankster'.
This spirit is intelligent and will answer yes and no questions through a tool called a REM pod EMF Detector. It is a tool that lights up and makes noises when the electro magnetic field is disrupted. When the electro magnetic field is disrupted thats when is makes noises and lights up. 

If you are curious about what this looks like you can go to www.emeraldcoastparanormalconcepts.com - there are video sessions there with question and answer sessions with this particular spirit. 

When we were visiting the Russ House last spring, Solana, Susan, myself and another psychic medium cleared out some energies and spirits who wanted to leave the area. This time walking into and around the house the energy was lighter and crisper. I could feel or identify more specific energies in and around the house. 

As with many haunted locations there are layers of energy, the more it is cleared the clearer the reception you get. It is my opinion, this house will remain haunted, no matter how much clearing work goes into the place. 

I always recommend going to these wonderful historic places to investigate. I always go on the tours when they are offered and use my microphone on my phone to record. I have picked up EVP during the daytime in these wonderful places. Patience is required and being present to feel the energy around you. Be respectful, you are a visitor in someone else's house. 

Haunted - A Psychic's Story is a book I wrote about my own paranormal experiences and contains handy tips for investigating I have used and they work. The information in Haunted A Psychic's Story  may help you too!


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