Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Russ House

Russ House- Jackson County Tourism Office
Located at 4318 West Lafayette Street (U.S.
90) in Marianna, Florida

4/1-4/2 2017 

Walk Through – intuition. Mediumship.
When I know I am going to do a walk through of a haunted house, I make sure to say my prayers and invoke Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to guide guard and protect me through out the walk through. I also invoke Arch Angel Areal and Archeia Serafina to assist with those spirits who might feel stuck in the space. I always clear out spirits who want to leave or go home. 

That is the purpose of acting as a psychic medium during a walk through is to assist and clear the space.

I do believe once a spirit leaves and realizes they can visit anytime they wish, there is relief to the space they felt trapped in. 

During the walk through of the houses I ask to not 'see' what or who is residing in the house only to 'hear'. I always pick up empathically information. 

This is an edited version of what I discovered at the Russ House without knowing its  history. 

I hope this intrigues you enough to want to discover more about the history in your hometowns or even to visit this very beautiful and welcoming house. 

Front of house – Residual energy of children playing on the porch. 
There is a lot of residual energy around the Russ House. I felt the soldiers from the Civil War. Perhaps these were the soldiers who recuperated at the house. I do feel like there was a gunfight or short battle that happened on the property. It is near the big tree in the side yard.

Yard around the tree –
Russ Servants wearing Livery – welcomed me. Three African American Males.
These spirits are intelligent, they will speak to you, welcome you and point you in the direction of the house. 
While standing in the yard, I felt the energy of Mr. Russ within the house. 

I did see slaves around the house. I know you said the Russ Family did not have slaves. There were about twenty of them. They looked pretty bad too. Was the Russ Family involved with the underground railroad? If not these slaves were from a different place. They were waiting to leave. 

When we cleared the house, the slaves were the first to leave.

Entering the house – The first Mrs. Rush welcomed me. She was very gracious. “Make yourself at home.” Vibe to her.

While in the parlor, I connected with Mr. Rush. That is where the idea for the chairs to be moved around came from. He is probably moving the chair because that chair ‘is not suitable for a gentleman.’

I did feel a female energy in the parlor. I felt like it might have been a cousin to the Russ Family. Someone who visited frequently.

While walking with Mr. Rush he told me about the house and how he loved creating the house from the ground up. I could feel the love and pride he had for his house. He was also very welcoming, polite and kind.

The day Mr. Russ committed suicide, I believe he hadn’t talked himself totally into doing it. When he arrived at his ‘friends house’, It feel’s like he might have had a break down and that’s when he decided to do it.

I also felt from him, he didn’t want to corrupt his beautiful house.

While walking through the house initially I avoided the back stairs and the bathrooms.

After we cleared the house, the back stairs felt a lot better. I still felt the urge to stay away from the bathrooms. 

I did not go into the nursery. There was a male spirit in there who was not welcoming. While I sat upstairs that male did approach but I pushed him away from me. I feel like this spirit is who you call the ‘trickster’. This is who Mr. Russ calls the ‘little Prince.’ I feel like this being was a brother, perhaps a brother born out of wedlock. Your ‘trickster’ is that, a trickster. 
I did not feel any violent acts in the house.

The back stairs I feel like someone fell down them and accidently died. 

The property has a lot of residual energy going on. There are many layers to this property because the land is old. I feel like with that quick clearing we did, will help settle the place energetically so you can get clearer answers from the spirits who choose to still reside there.

I feel like there are spirits on the land that are ancient and want to left alone. They do not reside within the house.

This is the side entrance to the Russ House

This is the front of the Russ House

This is the front porch of the Russ House

I want to say a special thank you to Susan and Tracy Todd of Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts for setting up this special event. It was a great experience!

Also if you want to know more about what to do with Haunted Houses you can check out Haunted - A Psychic's Story to learn more about, who, what and how to deal with haunted places, people and objects. 

Auriel Grace

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