Psychic Tip of the Day - Practice Flexing Those Intuitive Muscles

Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year. During these times we are more able to see, hear, know, feel intuitively. Iy is the time of year when we experience those extra special moments with our spirit guides, angels and ancestors. 

Be present during this time and practice flexing those intuitive muscles. This is the time of year to gain confidence in your intuitive abilities and make those wondrous connections. 

As with any type of gift or study practice is important. Yes, even I practice. Its what makes me good at what I do. 

Here is a great meditation to assist you with connecting to your guides and angels. It is the Automatic Writing Meditation. It will assist you with receiving information for your highest and greatest good. It is good to create a great relationship with Creator, Spirit Guides and Angels. Building your relationship can assist you with the confidence of leading a good life. Making good decisions for yourself and your family.   

This next meditation was inspired for people all ages, especially our psychic kids. Take a ride on your very own Cosmic Dragon and receive a message for your highest and greatest good. I know many teenagers who are psychic kids who like this meditation. I always encourage meditation for all ages no matter how long. Meditation helps us be present, centered and grounded.

Remember to practice your intuitive gifts whether you are using them as a reader or healer or for everyday decisions. 

Have fun with your gifts and share them with others. 

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of Love!

Auriel Grace 
A Gang of Girls Inc 


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