Power & Empowerment

We are Alaria BrightStar, we are here to assist with Power and Empowerment.

On your Earth at this time you are starting to realize how powerful you are. You are looking around and seeing the imbalance of your world. You are starting to strive for balance.

The Occupation of your places such as Wall Street New York is a wondrous idea and the Occupation needs your support, your nurturing and maturity for it to be effective. You want a better world? Support the efforts of those who occupy Wall Street all over the Earth. This is a time when the Media can assist. Your Social Networks, video, even your cell phones can assist you in getting the word out about this idea and what is happening around the world!

Be intelligent with the Occupation. Make it peaceful. Unify! Create a council, get organized, let the world know what your intentions are. When the mass gathers with similar intentions change will happen, allow it. March, stand and sit at the headquarters of your Banks and Government Offices. Be Peaceful!

Push for reformation statewide, nationally and internationally. Get organized, be intelligent, be peaceful! Demand a better government! Change does not happen overnight, you have allowed the corruption to happen over your many years, it will take years to bring back balance. It is your right! Be peaceful, be intelligent! That is an example of strength and power!

Support your local businesses, artisans, farmers, craftsmen. Donate food, clothing and basic needs to your local Food Banks, Pantries, Churches etc. This assists those who are most affected by the events that are happening right now.

What you are looking for is an Equal Exchange of Energy from all sources and on all levels. Start with yourself, look at your life. Are your relationships an equal exchange of energy? We are talking about all of your relationships. If not, start making changes.  This is empowerment, this is power!

This is an exciting time on your planet and with the correct attitude and patience you can create the changes in your countries you desire, for the highest good of all beings everywhere.

Alaria BrightStar – Cosmic Being of Light


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