The Three Maji & Angel Messages

 3 kings, 3 wisemen, 3maji - who were they?  Here is some pretty interesting history. I have included the video on this blog so you can watch it. Join the channel it is really informative, especially if you like history!  

Let’s talk about Herod - Herods life was recorded everything he did, everywhere he went and the laws he upheld. 

If there were Three kings who went to visit Herod it would have been a big event and chronicled by his scribes. That is a huge brag to be visited by three kings and there would have been events happening when the kings visited. 

There is nothing in his history that says Herod ordered all the babies to be murdered because they might be the 'king of the Jews'. 

I am not saying Herod was a nice guy. He was a ruthless politician. The land he ruled was also under Rome, during Julius Caesar’s lifetime. The Romans were all about writing their histories. 

Now that we have got Herod down, let’s look at the beginnings of Christianity - there was about 2-300 years between the time Jesus died, before Christians started making big moves. Constantine needed to create peace between the Christians and the Pagans so the Council of Nicaea was created and that is where Jesus and his family received their Divinity. They also created the story of the three Kings - Mathew. 

The Christians liked the term - three kings instead of three Magi. Christians don’t like magic, I have often been called the anti christ because of what I do. 

Also there was no star above Bethlehem. This has been proven by astronomers. Why would the Christians include something an astronomer would say? That is magic and a sin right? 

Let’s go back in history to come up with a hypothesis of who the three kings, three wisemen, three magi were! 

Magi and ‘Magic'

The word ‘magic’ (traveling through Latin and Greek) is derived from the Old Persian word ‘magus’ which is the name for the priestly caste into which Zoroaster was born.  Zoastrianism is very opposed to sorcery and magic. 

The word in English derive largely from the western association of Persia with astrology and astronomy which were derived from the religion of the babylonians.

Who were the three magi? Why did they visit? Did they visit? 

The Magi were not kings. They were religious men of the Zoroastrian religion (Persian). They were men who were very spiritual and religious and happened upon a small family and gave precious gifts of frankinscence, myrrh and gold. We do not know how much they gave or how many magi visited, but wanted to honor the family with blessings. How wondrous is that? 

Zoroastrian religion is all about peace, love and overcoming darkness. They are about wisdom and the grace of their creator. Isn’t this what we celebrate during our holidays? Honoring those people who came before us and gave us a great example of how we should honor and love each other? 

Watch the video I posted and let me know what you think. The video is compelling and a bible study group out of Canada. Just loved it!  I watched it twice!  Very interesting!

Angel Messages - 

I am a trans channel for the Archeia - feminine compliments of Arch Angels. My ‘spokes person’ for the Archeia is Hope - divine compliment to Gabriel They are in charge of the messenger angels.   

Hope says watch the Psychic Tip of the Day they are inspired by The Archeia. 

Here is the message from the Archeia - 

For the next decade hold on! There will be many changes, break downs and upheavals. In the end you will look back and say to yourself ‘I understand’.

We ask that you take an active role in your life. You make decisions according to your truth, your heart. Faith says the changes happening in the United States is a clearing process of your governments.  Many of the people who lead your government are leaving making room for the new, the ones who are ready to make positive change for your country. Do what you can to promote and support them. 

Think of your own clearing process and you will understand what you are being presented with. In the United States you have the ability to  choose to help with the change you want to create.  

We advise you to strengthen your relationships with your spirit guides, angels, celestial beings and Creator.  Strengthen your relationships with your family and extended family. 

Be kind, Auriel Created a video called Empathic Communicator. We recommend this video to all of you.  

Be present. When you are present you do not miss the message or the action. Synchronicity is all around you and we want you to be aware of how you can help yourself and then others. When you feel good, you are able to uplift others. 

There are many blessings all around you. They are ripe for the plucking, pay attention, be grateful. Gratitude will change your life. 

Plan or have fun! Fun is different for everyone. When you are truly having fun, you glow. When you glow, you attract in and are aware of your blessings and fun! 

Grace asks you to take time every day to visualize peace,  connect to your heart chakra, breathe light into it until you can feel the energy of love moving out of you and filling you energy field. When this happens you can leave a path of love everywhere you go.  How wondrous is that? 

Have a wondrous and beautiful holiday season!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace


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