Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Lion of March

March is the time of new beginnings! We go through our homes and clear out the physical/material belongings we no longer use, we get the idea of simplifying our lives. What does that mean to simplify? It could mean so many things but basically what I have found is that most people want to bring some quality, ease and peace of mind to their lives. So look around your life and see where you can place those ideas.

Make March the month you start to implement change you desire in your life. What kind of changes do you desire to create in your life? 

When I decide that I desire change in my life, I focus on what I want changed. I create and say intentions focusing on that change. I also write and say what I am grateful for each day! I open myself to all the wondrous synchronistic events that will start happening to create what it is that I am focusing on.

Here is one example of an Intention & Gratitude - 

I intend and am so grateful the quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams.

 What does that mean? It means I am so grateful everyday my life is wonderful! I am able to go to Elevated Delights to teach, share and give good guidance. I live in a great place and have wonderful friends to share my life with and more! I am open to receive from the Universe what is for my highest good and more! 

What are your Intentions, goals & aspirations? What are you grateful for? Let me know so I can align with you and assist you with creating! 

Creating is fun! So have some fun with your intentions and gratitudes! 

Bring March in with a Roar of Energy and release it out into the Universe and let Her take care of your intentions and desires! You will be surprised and dazzled at how your life changes! Remember to be open to receive that which is for your highest good and more! 

Here are more Intentions & Gratitudes! If you like them use them! Come on in for the Intention Circle @ Elevated Delights or write them in the comment section so we can align with you!
I Intend & IAM so very Grateful - 

Myself & my family are healthy, happy whole, guided guarded & protected and connected to their Divine Source.
My Heart is always open and I am aligned with love.
The Quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams.
I am always present and recognize all the wondrous synchronistic events in my life.
For all of my Financial windfalls & more!
I intend and am so very grateful for A Gang of Girls Radio Show & Elevated Delights Intuitive Arts Training Center continues to grow in its success as an Enlightenment Center to its highest potential and more!
I intend for a car in perfect working order and great tires to come to me freely easily & effortlessly.
I am able to travel for business and pleasure and more!  
I say these gratitudes & Intentions for the Highest and Greatest good of the Universe & Everyone involved!
Do you Align with me?
So Be it & So it is!

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