Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soul Retrieval - What is it?

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is is different for each individual. It is releasing old ways of being and embracing new ways of being. It is claiming back strengths what you have forgotten. It is the opportunity to make changes in your attitude, receive forgiveness and mercy. A way to clear your heart and soul.

What happens during a Soul retrieval Session?
I always ask you what your goal is - love, success, happiness etc. Sometimes you don't know what your goal is. When this happens I ask your Akashic Record keeper what is for your highest good to release and heal at this time.

Your Akashic Record Keeper shows me what we need to release and during which time period, dimension, planet etc. Your Akashic Record Keeper shows me two or three lifetimes that need correction. We take some journeys to those other lifetimes and we make corrections.

While we are making corrections in those lifetimes, I am also clearing your field of the energy that holds you in this attitude. I invoke the Arch Angel Michael to Cut and cauterize all cords leading in and out of you no longer serving you and the Archeia Faith to fill you with Divine Light.

 As we clear each lifetime you will feel better lighter, clearer in your mind and emotions.

After we have done this work and you have released as much as you can, we choose and energy I like to call an Archetype and place it within the core of your being to strengthen your core. 

Then I energetically wrap you up so all the work we did stays in place during your healing.

I always recommend at least three weeks between sessions to allow the work we did to settle within you and all around you. 

You will find you do not react to situations you used too. You will also find you are choosing different ways of being with out being prompted or having realizations about yourself you did not have.

When I started my journey learning soul retrieval and receiving the sessions my life changed in many ways. My whole life changed for the better and this was within six months of receiving Soul Retrieval Sessions. I think the biggest effect the sessions had for me was courage and grace. 

So what do you think you will find during a Soul Retrieval Session? 

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls
Elevated Delights 


  1. SoulChakra You can see problems and the thoughts of other people too easy, also the emotions which we don’t want.

  2. It is my job to see past the physical and further to assist you and others to release what does not serve you. This is my life.


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