Psychic Tip of the Day - Disincarnate's, Spirit's & Ghosts

Disincarnates or Ghosts are beings who have died but have not left this Earth plane.

Disincarnates love our children’s Light, a child’s light is bright and full of energy; the Disincarnate is attracted to light. If a disincarnate has attached itself to your child, his or her behavior can be so out of whack with what is considered normal it can lead him or her to taking some sort of drug to control the behavior or numb his or her outlook if you are not paying attention.

Are you present?

Are you paying attention?

If you are present and aware you will realize your child is not being his or her normal self, look at your child or the person you are working with; you may feel or see a presence near them. If you do ask firmly, who are you and what do you want? You will feel or see activity around the person.

Disincarnates will find a way to let you know. If you are Clairvoyant, you might see a disturbance in the child’s Energy Field. If you’re Clairaudient, you will hear the Disincarnate or Ghost. If you are Clairsentient, you will definitely feel the disturbance. With practice you will be able to identify a Disincarnate in a couple of seconds and be able to dispatch it in five minutes. I call myself a travel agent; I have done it so much to move these spirits along their respective journeys.

I lived in Virginia for 18 months, and I learned how to identify and dispatch Disincarnates quickly. I kept my kids away from known haunted areas. I would not take them with me if I was going somewhere I had never been. I do not take them to graveyards, mortuaries, hospitals, old folk homes, or houses older than 50 years. If I am not certain about a place I am visiting, I just don’t bring the children with me.

Many time kids think a Disincarnate is a real person, they will think it is a friend. So they will just flow with the alliance even if it causes them discomfort or annoyance.

My daughter Christa has a son named Daniel, and he is Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. He keeps both Christa and me on our toes. I did clearing sessions with Danny to call his spirit forth and balance his karma. This created a better relationship between him and his mother, and sent the Disincarnates or Ghosts home.

Daniel used to play with ‘bad guys’ when he was about four years old. These ‘bad guys’ were disincarnates who died as teenagers and decided to stay on this Earth plane. I sent them home. Daniel knew how to call them in instinctively, intuitively. I saw him doing it one day and I told him if he called in the ‘bad guys’ to play with, he would be in time out for the rest of his fourth year. I sent them home with the help of Christa.

I instructed him to say to those ‘bad guys’, “I am a child of God, be gone!” He does this now whenever and he does it well. When you say ‘I am a child of God/Goddess be gone,” it is like a blessing and a warning to a disincarnate. They see they are absolutely not wanted and need to go elsewhere. This is something a person should say when they do not know or do not want to deal with any disincarnates. You must be firm while saying this phrase.

Isn’t it great how perceptive our children are?

Now, if I had not been paying attention to Daniel, many things could have happened not for his highest good. The teachers at school were getting worn out with him being mean and creating havoc in the classroom. They recommended we send him to a child psychologist. He went to a psychologist for a while and it did help him. But it was our work getting rid of the bad guys which really helped him; he does not have to take medication, and he no longer acts out in class. We have learned, though, we absolutely need to be present with him.

How do you send a Disincarnate/ Hitchhiker away?

1. Call on the Angels of Mercy, your Guides, and your Angels. Ask your Divine Source to guide, guard, and protect you and your child.

2. Ask the Disincarnate, “Who are you and what do you want?” Be firm in your question. You don’t have to be mean, just firm.

3. You will get an answer Most of the time their answer is, “I want to go Home.” Sometimes you might have to be patient and keep trying to talk to them, especially for those who do not believe they are passed over.

4. Now this is the part when you need to really focus and be very present. You need to build a tunnel or a vortex with a bright light at the end of it in your mind. When you have the visual you will see silhouettes at the end of the tunnel. The silhouettes are the family and friends waiting for your Ghost.

5. If the Disincarnate doesn’t leave immediately, you will have to let it know there are people waiting for him or her at the end of your tunnel. Compassion will comfort it and it will leave easier. Encourage it to go to the Light, to its loved ones. Tell it everything is going to be good when it gets there. I tell child disincarnates there is candy and ice cream there--and no dentists. They love those ideas and move on right away.

6. Compassion is important with these releases.

7. You will know when the Hitchhiker is gone. You will feel the relief and release if you do not see it leave.

8. Tell all the guides and angels thank you for their assistance and then close the tunnel you created in your mind.

Here is a fun way to protect children and loved ones against Disincarnates.

1. Have your children visualize an egg around their bodies.

2. Let your children know their body-eggs can be any color they want, sparkly or metallic, but they have to be dense. The Density of the egg shape helps keep the disincarnate from attaching or getting close to the person.

3. Help them with these images by visualizing what they are describing to you. Reinforce their visualizations with the Intention the egg protects them for their highest and greatest good.

4. Let the children know they can change the color of their body-eggs any time they want to. The eggs can be many colors as long as they remain dense.

5. You can do this protective work with your house, car, mother, boyfriend, husband, wife, sister-in-law—anyone who might be susceptible to attracting hitchhikers.

I am writing these ways of recognizing and clearing disincarnates because I have worked with adults who were carrying disincarnates for years. The people I worked with were commited off and on to hospitals for different mental disabilities and some had tried to commit suicide. I think that some of our mentally disabled people can be helped by releasing disincarnates.

One of my clients in Virginia had been committed to the hospital many times. The first time I saw her she had been released that very day under her mother’s care. She had not had a shower in a while and she looked like she had not slept in a year. I immediately saw the disincarnates and acknowledged them. It took this woman three months to release five disincarnates. One of the disincarnates was holding the rest of them, she was the bully. My client had been carrying them for years. Once she had her release, her life was so much better. After six months she was managing a small motel and living on her own. Something she was not able to do previously.

For clearings like this make sure you have your client put salt in their bedroom, in small glass containers. The salt will absorb sorrow. When the clearings are done make sure the salt is buried. No candles. If you practice stone work, and of the pink stones and selenite is helpful.

I write this for your consideration in doing your clearing work, remember to look at the entire being when doing your work.

Remember to be present and compassionate in all the energy work you do. This way you will always complete what you have started in the best way!


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