Psychic Tip of the Day - Clearing Haunted Spaces

Clearing Haunted Spaces

About 12 years ago I met a wonderful woman in Virginia. Her name is Cindy Conner and she is one of my teachers. She is wondrous. She loves unconditionally and has incredible patience. If you are ever near Bedford Virginia you should look her up.

Cindy taught me how to be a travel agent or a person who releases spirits to their next level. Now on this planet we have lots of different kinds of spirits. We have spirits or ghosts, we have E.T.’s and we have aliens.

Now I have experience with all of the above. I have met some wondrous spirits who have helped me and I have met some real mean ones.

In clearing these spaces I always use salt instead of sage. Many Spirits do not like sage. They don’t like smoke for some reason. Salt absorbs sorrow. Many spirits are sorrowful because they feel stuck. So if I am going into a pretty dense place before I even start to clear the space I put salt down. If it is a house I put a circle around the house and salt on the door steps and inside the house. Candles or essential oils are as good scented with roses. This helps soften the space and raise the resonance. Remember, compassion is key with any kind of clearing.

I always invite and invoke the Arch Angels & the Archeia to come into the house and help with the raising of the resonance of the space.

“I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith, Arch Angel Gabriel & Archeia Hope, Arch Angel Uriel & Archeia Grace to stand in this space to help raise the resonance and to help release the spirits within this space. I invite and invoke the angels of Mercy and Compassion Lee Ching & Quan Yin to help with the release of the spirits in this place. I invite and invoke Lady Nada & the Pink Lightening angels to guide and guard the spirits in this space. I ask this for the highest and greatest good for all, so be it so, it is done.

After the prayer, if the space is very dense I wait for three days. Then I go back to see if the spirits are ready to leave, most of the time they are, I create a vortex that looks like a tunnel with a light at the end. I tell the spirits here is your way and there are others waiting for you. I encourage and send them a lot of light. They need encouragement, compassion and a lot of light. Remember there is no bad or good everything just is. When everyone has left I close the vortex and put down more salt. If it is a house I light candles with rose scent.

Now even though I have done some of my work alone I always encourage people to do this work with at least three. I say this so you always have support. The more light the better, always.

When you are working on graveyards, battle grounds, jails real icky places you will have to go back and do the release work as those places are very dense and there are bullies. A bully is a spirit holds others back. You will have to work with them individually for the release of others. You have to convince them they are better off moving on than staying stagnant. Remember do this compassionately. If you go in thinking you are going to be the bully you might find yourself in the middle of a mess.

These types of places need at least three- twelve people.

I am going to give some examples here so you will have something to relate to in your journey. Every time a space is cleared and spirits ascend, the place rises in resonance. When the place rises in resonance so does everything around it. So now you have helped with the ascension of the spirits you have released and the ascension of our Mother – Earth.

I lived in a trailer in Taos for a while. A child had died in the trailer from a fire before I moved in. The disincarnate did all kinds of stuff to get attention. I put salt down (I like Kosher salt) to calm him. Then I lit some rose scented candles while saying my Invocation prayer. Then I opened communication with him. He said he died of inhaling smoke. He was angry the landlord did not fix the heater. I assured him I would let the landlord know and I created a vortex for him, he left. When he left, my sons and my friends felt the difference in the resonance of the trailer immediately. I did let the land lord know about the little boy.

Another place we cleared in Taos was a large graveyard. The grave yard actually was not hard. It took three of us to clear this grave yard. In this graveyard there were E.T.’s and spirits of humans and animals. This is one of my favorite clearings as we did all the prep work. There was a guardian of this graveyard. I communicated with him three days prior to clearing. I let him know we were coming to release the other spirits in the yard. He was very cooperative. I surrounded the yard with salt and recited my invocation. When we arrived, the spirits were ready to go. I opened the great vortex for human spirits and animals. Then I opened another vortex for the E.T.’s. We have to remember Aliens & E.T.’s do not come from this planet. Many times their ships crash or they are left here. They perish and they also want to go home. They always go to a different place; at least this is what they tell me. The clearing of this yard took three hours and we only had to work on it once.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls


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