Psychic Tip of the Day - Being Present

Be present with me!

I deserve your full attention and you deserve mine. Focus and stay in your body while you read this book. This is how you are going to absorb and be able to utilize what you are reading and learning. Here is a simple exercise you can do in order to get in your body.

Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full. When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body. Think about how this feels. Are you warmer? Are you happier? Are you calmer? Do you feel better? It always feels good to be fully present, and it is a practice for many people.

If you are a person who finds it easier to be in daydream-land instead of being present in your daily activities, the question to ask yourself is,

“Why don’t I like being in this body on this beautiful earth?”

The answer to this question may be difficult to discover. Start the discovery process by writing it all down; be Truthful. Make two columns, one for the ideas you like about being in your life and the other column all the ides you dislike being in your life. This may take some time so be patient with yourself, keep adding and or subtracting from your lists.

As you review your lists on the dislike column ask yourself; how can I balance this idea I am not comfortable with? It could be as easy as finding a new job, place to live, new partner or even just being present with a loved one. Think about each item on your list and as you are more present with the item you will see resolutions come to life.

When you update your lists take the old list and burn it. This is a good way of releasing old thought patterns. You can watch those old thought patterns be consumed by the flames of your fire and as you watch say to yourself –

I release these thought patterns no longer serving me.

During this process remember to be grateful for this healing or release. You could even write all the things in your life you are grateful for. Put this list where you can see it when you wake up in the morning. Remember to add to your list when a new gratitude comes up. Start your list with – I am so very grateful for - It is always a good idea to realize what you are grateful for. This feeling raises your resonance and helps you feel comfortable and happy. You deserve to be happy and comfortable in your life. It is up to you alone to decide you deserve to be happy and content.

Everyday while I am drinking my morning coffee I say my gratitudes –

I am so very grateful I am healthy, happy, whole, guided, guarded, protected and connected to my Divine Source!

It is very important to be present with yourself and your children. If you are not present you might miss something important going on in your family’s life. Listen to what your kids are talking about. It is important to spend time everyday talking and listening to your children, being fully present with them during this time. Are they saying they have a new friend who is blue or is it someone they knew a long time ago? Does their friend need a seatbelt or a seat at your dinner table? Ask them about their friends and make friends with their friends, especially if this friend is unseen.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls


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